2005-2010 Mustang 3V Kit

  • 381hp / 406 tq @ 5psi and 551 / 558 @ 13psi
  • Check out the graph with a comparison

Its been a long time in the making but we are finally ready to introduce the newest turbo system from On 3 Performance. We spent a great deal of time developing this system and were able to tuck everything away nicely with the stock suspension under the car. As you may know, the 96-04 mod motor kits require a tubular k-member to clear the turbo plumbing. On the 2005 –2010 3v cars we were able to work with the stock suspension and was a big plus. We include with each kit the On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger rated to 700rwhp and had proven its performance and reliability over the years. The very first On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger is still on our 2002 2v GT shop car and going strong, 20,000+ miles and still racking them up on a daily basis. As far as drivability, the car drives down the street like it was before the turbo install. 90-degree day you can crank the a/c, put the windows up and drive in comfort. There is no cooling issues associated what so ever with the kit installed as many ask. We understand the logic as you are adding more exhaust pipes under the hood but it will not effect the cooling system. We drive our shop turbo cars daily from 0 degree days to rare 100 degree days, nothing changed from when the cars were stock but the horsepower. That’s the great thing, the hp gains are unlimited and you don’t loose the creature comforts by installing the turbo kit.

As you see, we went above and beyond with this kit and the its very detailed. We had all laser cut brackets for your intercooler mounting, sway-bar relocation, turbo support brace, and power steering reservoir relocation bracket. You will receive a very detailed hardware kit to make life easy and make the install go that much smoother. With the vacuum kit you get the tee’s needed to tie into the vacuum source and hose to run out to your wastegate and blow off valve.



  • Turbo Headers & Crossover Tubing Constructed of Mild Steel and Stain Black
  • All hot parts made of 304 Stainless Steel and 16 gauge material
  • Header to turbo ( 4 pipes total )
  • Downpipes ( From turbo to catback, includes merge to hook up to your catback: 4 pipes)
  • Each pipe coming off the manifolds pre-welded with o2 bungs
  • Downpipe is pre-welded for a Wideband sensor


  • Turbo To Intercooler – 2.5”
  • Intercooler to throttle body
  • 2.5” and 3” from Inner Fender To Throttle Body
  • 4” Stainless Compressor Inlet Tube
  • Cold parts are 304 Stainless Steel 18 Gauge


  • On 3 Performance 70mm, .70ar cold/.68 hot T-4 Flanged
  • On 3 Performance Laser Cut Turbo Support Bracket
  • On 3 Performance 2.5” Core Bar and Plate Front Mount Intercooler (2.5” inlet and outlet)
  • On 3 Performance Oval Throttle Body to 3” Round Coupler
  • On 3 Performance 38mm Wastegate (Silver)
  • (3) Wastegate springs – 3.6, 5.8, and 8.8psi springs
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow-off Valve (Black)
  • Stainless Steel power steering Reservoir Extensions 3/8”
  • Complete Oil feed kit from block to turbo, includes all brass fittings needed
  • Complete Oil drain kit from turbo to oil pan
  • All 4ply/5mm Black silicone couplers
  • T-bolt clamps
  • All Stainless Steel 2 ½” and 3” V-bands needed *New 8mm Bolt
  • Complete Vacuum Line Kit to Tie into BOV and WG
  • On 3 Performance Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  • On 3 Performance Laser Cut Turbo Support Bracket, Sway Bar Relocation Bracket, Power Steering Reservoir Relocation Bracket, Intercooler Mounting Brackets
  • Complete Hardware Kit
  • Detailed Instructions w/ Photos

This kit will allow you to keep your factory accessories all in the stock locations and still drive down the road blowing cold air from the A/C and taking each turn with the comfort of power steering. Doesn’t get much better than that on top of knowing you have 400+ rear wheel horsepower and all maintain all accessories.

Considering Twin Screw Blower?
We did an overlay when we were tuning this car and the On 3 Performance 3v test car on 5psi matched the torque of a KB 3v that was running 10psi. That was more than impressive, half the boost and matching max torque. As far as HP, we made about 65 less rwhp but as stated above, we were only running 5psi. If you do the math, we are making around 22.5 rwhp and 25 rwtq per pound of boost. We should match the KB car’s HP at 8psi and blow the torque out of the water. Both were tuned on the same dyno to leave that variable out.


  • Dyno Tested and Proven Kit To Work and Virtually Double The Factory Horsepower
  • Maintain Air Conditioning and Power Steering
  • All 3” 304 Stainless Steel Header Forward and Downpipe. 2.5” Intercooler-3” to Throttle body
  • V-band Connections On the Hotside
  • Downpipe o2 Bung Welded for Wideband Use
  • Both header to turbo pipes have have necessary o2 bungs welded
  • Bar and Plate Intercooler
  • All Hardware For Each Component Supplied In The Kit - INCLUDED
  • Neatly Packaged to Make Install As Easy As Possible
  • Complete Instruction Packet w/ Photos
  • Look At Our Photos, Installed and On A Car
  • View Video To See The Car In Action And Running
We can make the kit complete for our customers but often times customers have some of the parts already. So we sell the kit mostly complete and you can add the last few accessories if need be.
  • On 3 Performance 67mm Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo $389
  • On 3 Performance 76mm Journal Bearing Turbo $125
  • On 3 Performance 76mm Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo $419
  • On 3 Performance CNC Billet Compressor Wheel $199
  • On 3 Performance 39# Fuel Injectors $289
  • On 3 Performance 42# Fuel Injectors $329
  • On 3 Performance 60# Fuel Injectors $359
  • On 3 Performance Injector Adapters for 2005-2010 Cars $30
  • On 3 Performance 340lph Fuel Pump $90
  • On 3 Performance Turbo Blanket $75
  • On 3 Performance cBB Turbo Oil Restrictor $25
  • On 3 Performance Custom Urethane Stainless Air Filter $45
  • On 3 Performance Maf Kit Calibrated to Injectors and Flange $205
  • Custom Tig Service For Welding On Maf Flange $35


Q - Can you upgrade the turbo to a Master Power MP70?
A - Yes you can, pricing is above or call for details 614-439-0057

Q - Will you part out or only sell certain parts out of the kit?
A - >No, we only sell kits complete but we will sell individual turbochargers

Q - What power can I expect from the kit?
A - Your car stock should make around 270 rear wheel horsepower. So the nice thing about a turbocharged application, you can run any level of boost. The kit at ~6psi( +/- 1psi) will be enough to put you over 400 rear wheel horsepower. This roughly bumps your rear wheel horsepower by nearly 50% over a stock 4.6 3v.

Q - What should we do about tuning or is a tune needed?
A - Almost anytime you make any large change to your current setup, you should have your car tuned. Its basically like added insurance to your engine and also you gain horsepower from it at the same time. Incorrect air to fuel ratios will lead to detonation and as you know toast your motor.

Q - Is there a such thing as a safe amount of boost to run?
A - Anytime you modify your car there is always risk but as we all know they are calculated risks we all take. With the correct tune, fuel system upgrades, and supporting mods, the 4.6 motor can respond and last in boosted situation. Generally want to limit yourself around the 425-450 rwhp mark.

*** Due to constantly upgrading and improving products, photos may not always represent the exact product shipped. We are always tweaking and changing the systems for the better. Exact colors, tubing tweaks/routing, wastegates, etc can vary. So if you have any question prior to purchasing, please contact us first.
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