New Kits for 2015, Need Design Vehicles

Stay tuned, we have been working around the clock to bring our kits to the next level!  As of right now we are planning on tackling the 2015 Mustang GT without a doubt.  We already have a customer lined up which is going to load us his 500 mile brand new 2015 for the design work.  In addition to this system, we will be working on adapting our 99-06 Chevy truck system and making it also a direct bolt on for the 07-13 Chevy Trucks.

We are looking for someone that can lend us their car for the time needed to design the following still:

07-13 Chevy Truck

SRT-8 Platform Vehicles

2011+ F-150 5.0


Anyone that loans us their vehicle, we provide them the turbo system for free.  Everyone else has to pay so if you can live without your car for the cold months, 4-6 months, please contact us.