2011+ 5.0 Customers into the 8’s, Video inside

On 3 Performance has a customer into the 8’s with his 2013 5.0 GT street car.  Ran an amazing 8.86 at the NMRA finals with the out of the box On 3 Performance TT system and the On 3 60mm ceramic ball bearing turbos.  What made this weekend great, not only one but another customer up from Texas also put his 2013 into the 8’s with a 8.90 pass.



This is one of the quicker  On 3 2011+ 5.0 cars and sponsored by us as well. He is making just at 1000rwhp and working on his 8 second pass. The car has gone 154mph so far so we know it will get into the 8’s, its just a matter of time!