1987-93 Mustang GT/Cobra 5.0 Foxbody Single Turbo System

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Hard to believe we have been selling this system now for 10 years and helping so many foxbody builders cost effectively turbocharge their projects.  This is the first kit we brought to market all the way back in 2007.  Its been a great performing system and proven itself over the years with numerous On 3 Fox customers dipping into the 8’s in the 1/4 mile.  That is more of the radical side of things and we have majority of cars to the other side of the spectrum.  Most of the cars we are accommodating to is the stock block 5.0 which is going to handle on average 450-500rwhp max.  A well put together car in this power range has the potential of being in the 10’s and a pretty serious street car with good manners.  We have said this since day one and have put together what we think is the best horsepower per dollar modification you can do to your car. You can literally bolt this kit on and double the factory horsepower(Close to TRIPLE the torque). Most stock 5.0 motors will put down around 185 +/- rear wheel horsepower.  The great thing about going with a turbo on your foxbody, you can dial the boost in according and have serious room to grow.  Adjusting boost is as simple as turning the knob on the included boost controller.

Turbo Option Help:  Our On 3 70mm included is a good turbo up to the 500~ rwhp range.  Beyond that, we would then recommend either our On 3 76mm journal or ceramic ball bearing option(650-700rwhp max).  If you have the supporting mods and plan to be in the 600-800rwhp range, your best option will be our On 3 7875.





We have made a few changes as well to our setup and although its tight, you can retain your A/C. It will involve you just tweaking the lines slightly coming out of the condenser with your hands. Then normally we will use a few wire ties to secure the lines all in place so we know they cannot come in contact with any of the hot parts.

On the streets, our shop car is an absolute animal with the On3 70mm kit installed. We are running 275/60/15 M/T drag radials on the car and it will blitz them 1-3 gear on the street with 7psi. As far as street drivability goes, it doesn’t change for the most part till you tip into the throttle. We did run it with just the open downpipe so it was loud, other than that the car ran and drove the same as it did before the install. With our turbo system installed you will retain the power steering but in order to fit the turbo and downpipe, the kit doesn’t make room for the Smog pump.  So this kit is required to be used for off-road applications only.

The On 3 Performance 5.0 turbo system includes all the components to get your turbo kit on your car and ready to get it back up and running. As you will see from our photos, this kit bolts on to your car and was actually designed and tested by us so we know the kit and we know it works. There is not another turbo company on the market that has a kit near our price, proven and come as complete as our system does.

What do I need in order to finish off my build and what should I add?

In order to finish off a full turbo kit installed, you are going to consider the following options from us.  This would be a typical 500 or less HP build and exactly what we would pull to do the install here.  Clearly the turbo option is your call but the 5.0 foxbody responds great with the 67mm Premium Ceramic Ball Bearing Option:

** Our system IS NOT designed for HIGH PORT heads **

As you can see from our list of parts included in this kit, it is just about all the hard components that you need to install the single turbo kit on your car. A lot of people email to find out what in addition to the kit they will need to finish off the kit. We offer a calibrated PMAS HPX Slot sensor, our CNC machined MAF bracket, pigtail so the MAF is just plug and play, On 3’s new 320lph fuel pump (safe for e-85) with install kit, as well as the oil filter relocation kit for $359.  Have us pre-weld your maf flange so its a bolt in when you get it out of the box, $39 tig service


We have a good amount of customers that are running throw through carb applications and making killer power.  Some of our fastest fox customers are on carb applications so we can certainly help you.  Most guys first off ask for a discount to leave out the items needed for fuel injection applications.  There is not any discounts available, none of the efi items needed are included standard.  Then the next most asked question is what all is needed?  Well its pretty simple, your going to need your carb and then the bonnet to bolt on top that would take it to a 3″ inlet.  Most people will mock up the tubing and see how far it needs to go to connect to their specific application and just order a silicone coupler to length.  There are a lot of places that offer longer lengths that you can just simply cut to desired measurements and use.  There really isn’t too much to the blow through applications




Each Kit Includes

  • Turbo Headers and Crossover Tubing Constructed of Mild Steel and Stain Black Rust Prevention Coating (New 3mm seamless Wall 304ss Upgrades Available $225, Upgrade Now!)
  • Turbocharger – On 3 Performance, .70ar Coldside, .96ar Hotside, and T-4 Flanged Journal Bearing
  • 3” 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe, V-band Connections, 16 Gauge
  • 304 Stainless Steel Dump Tube
  • 3” Intercooler, Inlet and Outlet – Bar and Plate Core
  • 3” 304 Stainless Steel Intercooler Piping, Turbo to Throttle Body
  • All Silicone Couplers (Black) Needed and Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps
  • On 3 Performance 44mm V-banded Wastegate (Black)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blowoff Valve (Black)
  • Blow-off Valve and Wastegate Flanges Installed and Welded
  • Oil Feed Kit With All Fittings – Stainless Braided Feed Line
  • Oil Drain Kit With All Fittings
  • Alternator Relocation Bracket kit
  • Stainless Steel V-band Clamps REVISED 8mm Bolt Now
  • Complete Fastener Kit With Gaskets
  • Complete Instruction Package with Photo, Amazing We know!


  • This kit is a Flat Rate $159 to any location within the lower 48 States.
  • Shipping will be visible and itemize in cart upon checkout.


How about a little Bike vs. stock 302 Long block On 3 single turbo Fox:




This car has come a long way and runs well!!  Long time customer

4 reviews for 1987-93 Mustang GT/Cobra 5.0 Foxbody Single Turbo System

  1. Jessie collins

    Amazing bolt on affordable pricing!!

  2. Sean McMurray

    I ordered a fox body kit on Monday 9/14/15 and it was delivered on Wednesday 9/16/15. Very fast shipping!!

    • admin

      We try hard to get orders shipped as soon as they come in. Everything is stocked so we are able to take care of our customers faster than anyone else in the industry

  3. Scott

    I waited a year to post a review. This kit is amazing. Everything fit well an the only issue I had was with the oil line t fitting included in the kit ( wrong thread pitch ). The guys at On3 have been great to deal with.

    I didn’t have to cut anything on my 88 Lx mustang. Intercooler brackets were easily made.

    For the price its awesome ! Would recommend buying the down pipe sleeve and turbo blanket…along with a turbo oil line restrictor.

    Great kit and its been a year…still looks, works, and sounds great !

  4. Mario

    Hi I’m interest in a kit for my fox body mustang what other upgrades do I need for my car.

    • admin

      You need at minimum the injectors, pump, maf kit and oil relocation that we offer

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