1996-04 Mustang GT 2v Twin Turbo System

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Ford Mustang GT 2v Twin Turbo System

Stage 2, 1000+HP Potential


4 – 27 – 2021:  We are currently going through this system to now offer the Gen. 2 system which will be under hood mounted (what we refer to as top mount).  It will gravity drain so no need for oil pump to return back to the pan.  Less going on so its really a more simple design.  On top of that being able to open the hood and see the twin turbos right there in your face is what its all about.  There is not a current release date for this yet but we are designing and hope to have this gen 2 system ready this summer.  Please do not email looking for a date as this will be the first place we post any sort of update as they come available.  If you want to check out what it will look like, look up the 4v top mount system to get an idea.  I know the question will come up, the 4v kit WILL NOT work on the 2v!  🙂

On 3 Performance is proud to announce the release of the 1996 2004 Forward Facing twin turbo system to the public. Once again this has been a long project and to make something that works well, takes time. That time has come and we are stocked up and already began shipping the kits out the door.

Auction Includes:

– On 3 Performance Custom Forward Facing Header Kit

– On 3 Performance Header to Turbo Custom SS Hot Parts

– On 3 Performance GT30 Journal Bearing Turbos

– Custom 3 Stainless Downpipe Kit

– On 3 2.5 Stainless H-pipe ( 3 options for $59 upgrade)

– On 3 44mm V-banded wastegate (x2)

– On 3 50mm Blow off valve (x2)

– On 3 3.5″ core air to air intercooler, Completely Custom Built

– On 3 Performance couplers and t-bolt clamps (black)

– On 3 Custom Oil Relocation Kit

– Hardware Kit

– Oil Scavenge Pump for Turbo Draining

– SS v-band clamps

– Custom laser formed intercooler brackets and hardware

– Complete oil feed/drain kit

– Instruction CD For Installation Help

The kit comes very complete as you can see but there are a few recommended items to also run when going with this turbo system.  You can easily upgrade your kit with these options in the additional upgrade box when checking out

  1. On 3 Injector upgrade kit 47# Flow Rate With Plug & Play Harness $329
  2. On 3 HPX MAF Sensor Kit $215
  3. On 3 Fuel Pump 340lph $80
  4. On 3 Custom Air Filter SS Mesh $45 each

That is really everything listed above if you were trying to purchase at a One stop shop and we can split any of those up if you needed to add additional items. We also have a number of turbo upgrades you can consider:

Stage 2r: $650 Upgrade 900HP

This kit will upgrade your On 3 Journal GT30 Journal bearing turbos up to our Premium line and will then include the On 3 Performance GT30 Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbos

Stage 3: $169 Upgrade 1100HP

This kit will upgrade your On 3 Journal GT30 journal bearing turbos up to our Premium line and will then include the On 3 Performance GT35 journal Bearing Turbos

Stage 3r: $720 Upgrade 1100HP

This kit will upgrade your On 3 Journal GT30 Journal bearing turbos up to our Premium line and will then include the On 3 Performance GT35 Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbos

On 3 Peformance Race Fender Exit Downpipe Option, Off-road Use only!!!

Fender Exit downpipe kit upgrade is $30 and deletes the exhaust from turbo back. If you want to keep the turbo back and get the FDE downpipes, you will also need our other exhaust housings they require. So the complete upgrade cost would be $299

All of our 96 – 04 Twin turbo systems are designed around the use of either UPR tubular Kmember, a-arms and Coilovers or else the On 3 Turbo Suspension.  The factory kmember will not allow for the proper clearance needed.  We sell the turbo suspension if needed at the same time


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3 reviews for 1996-04 Mustang GT 2v Twin Turbo System

  1. Trauge May

    Wondering if there was any dyno pulls from the standard system you’ll are offering,with pulls of the upgrades available??
    If your systems were applied on stock or modified applications of the 4.6 2v engine??

  2. LilCed Johnson

    Do you have any pics of 2v forward twin turbo kit.
    I currently have your single kit on my built stroked 2v.I really love it,changing Cyl heads and want to try twins.

    • admin

      Yes we have photos uploaded, there are a few videos on youtube as well if you search. These cars are making insane torque numbers with the twins. We just had a customer make 8xx/9xx on a little 2v 🙂

  3. Alex

    can the standard system be ran with stock internals?

    • admin

      Sure but keep in mind those bottom ends are good for around 400-425 reliably

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