2003-07 Dodge Cummins Compound TT





Turbo System Includes

  • On 3 Performance 77mm Turbocharger, T-4 flanged
  • On 3 Performance Stainless Steel Schedule 40 hot pipe
  • On 3 Performance 3.5 to 4 Stainless Steel 304 Downpipe
  • Stainless Steel flex Pipe to Adapt 4 Exhaust
  • SS Lap Bands
  • V-Band Clamps
  • On 3 Performance SS Braided Feed Kit / Turbo Oil Return Kit
  • Custom Machined Turbo Oil Drain Fitting
  • On 3 Performance Custom Silicone Coupler kit
  • SS T-bolt Kit


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On 3 Performance Intercooler Upgrade

  • We have a line of 3rd gen intercoolers as well that pair up great with this modification. Your going to be moving more air and thats going to make your factory cooler work overtime. Yes it will be adequate to handle this setup but upgrading to our massive On 3 3rd gen Air to Air intercooler will only free up more power. In addition you will drop air temps which directly is going to relate to a 200-300+ drop in EGTs. We retail this at $550 and if you add this to the purchase, we will offer our customers special pricing at $500. THIS IS ONLY VALID WITH THE TURBO KIT PURCHASE, DO NOT EMAIL SAYING YOU WILL BE BUYING THE KIT IN A MONTH AND NEED THE $500 INTERCOOLER, ITS NOT HAPPENING.
  • $0.00



On 3 Performance 1100hp Package (900+rwhp)


On 3 Performance has been working on producing our first turbo geared toward the diesel market over the last year. We have been involved by selling a proven intercooler upgrade for the 2nd and 3rd Gen trucks which have been ran up and over 1000hp. Now we wanted to further expand and develop a compound twin turbo system for the 2003 – 2007 24 valve Common Rail trucks. Our turbo system was designed around the stock charger, in the stock location, and the use of our brand new On 3 Performance 77mm. The installation is made easy by leaving the stock turbo in its location and we built around that. Although it is an intricate process to get everything fit up correctly, it functions great. Allowing use of the automatic transmission cooler, a/c, and your not deleting or moving batteries around.

We worked with Firepunk Diesel to dyno and also build a custom tune file for the truck recently.  The owner of the vehicle has been pleased with the truck over the last year but wanted to see what else we would produce.  The truck with the typical off the shelf tuner was making about 580rwhp.  After completing the custom tune session and running out of fuel supply, it was making an impressive 630rwhp and 1206 ft lbs of torque!  If that wont make you happy for driving around town and towing, we dont know what will.  This combo still has the air supply to make more and we were just limited by fuel.  We strongly believe it will support over 900 wheel based on the testing we have done.  Thats well over 1,100 flywheel horsepower.  During this testing session, we were seeing about 55lbs of boost and thats how the truck is driven daily.

When going twins, your going to have a number of benefits besides for just the 900+ rear wheel horse power potential. Anyone towing is going to like the increase in fuel economy. Also when running the turbos compounded, your going to drop EGTs when under load.

With the supplied On 3 Performance 77mm turbo being such a heavy turbo, we have the feed pipe from the stock turbo made from Schedule 40 stainless. Saying the construction of it is beefy would be a complete understatement. The pipe itself weighs in at ___ and is tig welded. Every fabricated tube in our turbo system is tig welded and stainless steel. In the turbo kit, it will include a 3.5 downpipe which transition to 4. We also supply a 4 stainless flex pipe and clamp to allow you to adapt the new turbo exhaust easily to your existing 4 exhaust. ***We chose 4 as that seems to be the most common size and we do not have any other options for sizes. If you wanted to leave the flex pipe/clamp out as you would adapt it some other way, we can leave you a $25 credit

The cold side of this system is someone unique as well. We developed a coupler and opened a mould to connect the outlet of the large turbo to the stock charger inlet. It will come with supplied stainless t-bolt clamps, not cheap worm clamps! These allow you have great clamping power and avoid boots blowing off under boost. We also include another custom coupler which attaches to the new On3 77mm charger that angles the inlet so you can have and still run a good sized 4 filter (*filter not included). We do stock a very nice 4 filter if needed, its $45 and a top notch product. Unlike most, its oil-less and designed from stainless steel. Resembles a washable fuel filter and use by many in the high end car market.

Performance and Towing: Currently we have a split market with customers that are interested in performance and others that are more concerned with towing. The great part about this system is that it can accomplish both. Not only did it drop the truck used for our design directly into the 12.40s in the quarter mile, it makes for a much nicer tow vehicle. The power you make is all dependent on what supporting mods you do, but if you have the correct fueling, your easily going to make 150+hp by simply bolting on the turbo system. Why mess with small mods that might get you 15-20hp here or there. It will easily cost you over what the complete system cost, get straight to the point and go big!

On 3 Performance background:

We have been in business since 2007 and designed close to 20 proven turbo system since. We have anything from 11 second stock bottom end Mustangs to 8 second street cars with a/c and full interior. Currently our products support GM cars/trucks as well as the Ford Mustang from 1987 2014. This is not a fly by night setup and we are only growing the business in new directions. Our primary focus as been on gas car, recently gas trucks and now have moved on to the diesel side of things. This is a great market with a lot of potential for further products as demanded. On 3 has full intentions to next developing a 2nd gen 12 valve system as this one takes off. You can also plan on seeing not only turbo systems but stainless steel cast manifolds for the Cummins trucks in 2015. Do you have a good idea or product design? We have a program to purchase designs that we can incorporate into our line and mass produce. Email if you want to run it by us.


Below you can see one of our customers really pushed the kit to the limit.  This test was with a new bottom turbo so the results are certainly higher than any stock charger will support.  You can see they were able to make  926 hp and 1658 ft lbs of torque.  To date, this is the highest hp truck we have seen running our compound Cummins twin turbo systems

cummins graph


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