2005-2013 Corvette C6 & C6 Z06 Twin Turbo System

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This has been quite the project and as some already know, we have been designing our system over the last year.  With that being said, the kit is finally in the testing phases and close to production.  There are a number of unique features to our turbo system and cannot wait to get these kits out to market and start a new wave of Twin Turbo C6 Corvettes.  Not only are we going to have the most competitive pricing but the system is very complete with great design features.  The most important we feel is that our system has the turbos mounted up high enough that it will not require an external oil scavenge pump to return oil from the turbos to the engine.  They gravity drain into the oil pan directly from the turbo which is a HUGE plus in our book.  We have a number of custom cast pieces in order to get this kit to fit the way we required it.  There are custom compressor covers, stainless v-banded Inlet/Outlet exhaust housings, custom moulded silicone intake ducts, 3″ 304 ss downpipes with all kits, and the list goes on.

Under the hood its pretty stealthy as you only see the wastegates hiding back toward the firewall and quickly blend in with all the black items.  The massive 4″ aluminum charge pipe from the intercooler however is a dead giveaway.  It looks strictly business and will have no problem supporting the airflow the On 3 Performance 62mm t-3 turbos will be forcing through it.  The system is designed around our specific and custom cast On 3 Performance 62mm turbochargers.  This is a specific turbo to the car and has a dedicated driver-side and passenger-side turbocharger.  This is also a unique turbo as we cast the exhaust housing from stainless steel and integrated the 44mm wastegate’s into the housing to accurately control boost at about any level.  Another cool under-hood feature is the twin 50mm On 3 Performance blow off valves mounted directly to the intercooler.  They are symmetrically placed on each side of the intercooler outlet for function as well as visual appeal


Each System will include:

  • On 3 Performance Custom 304ss Turbo Manifold set
  • On 3 Performance 3″ 304ss Downpipe set (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 3″ 304ss H-Pipe
  • On 3 Performance 1.625″ 304ss External dump tube (4pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 62mm turbochargers (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance custom cast 6061 compressor covers for C6 Corvette (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance custom cast stainless steel v-band In/Out exhaust housings (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance Dual 44mm v-banded wastegate per bank (4pcs)
  • On 3 Performance ~6.5psi wastegate springs (pre-loaded into wastegates)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm v-banded blow off valve set (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance Corvette C6 Air to Air intercooler
  • Laser cut aluminum intercooler deflectors / mounts
  • 6061 Aluminum turbo air charge pipes
  • All Bead Rolled Cold Side Tubing
  • On 3 Performance black silicone 5 ply
  • On 3 Stainless steel t-bolt clamps
  • Oil supply feed kit to turbos
  • Oil drain back kit from turbo to engine
  • On 3 Performance 8an Transmission Line Kit w/ Billet Fittings
  • On 3 Performance stainless steel element air filter (2pcs)
  • Stainless steel exhaust lap bands
  • Stainless steel v-band clamps
  • On 3 Performance vacuum distribution tube


During testing, we purchased a Stock 2006 Z06 to get our data from and to prototype the system.  On the dyno, the car had no problem making power and with a completely factory stock long block, we were able to make 620 / 675 on a 5.x psi of boost.  


Want To Speed Up The Install?

The installation of the turbos can be tricky as the compressor housings and exhaust housings must be clocked just right.  Its a very tight space so it involves a lot of trial fitting and getting everything right before all 12 bolts per turbo can be clamped down.  We have a testing fixture here to pre-assemble and clock the turbos so they just bolt directly on and so it takes all the guess work out of the installation.  This speeds up the install and saves a lot of hassle, we offer this service for $80 and that will cover both the driver and passenger side turbos.  You can select this when checking out from the optional item menu

Turbo Delete Option:

 A number of customers have inquired about running a different turbocharger with the system.  This kit has a very specific cast compressor cover and a one-off designed exhaust housing to keep boost in check.  Its possible to run a different manufactures cartridge (CHRA) with our system but regardless of the direction you go, you MUST run our exhaust housing and compressor cover for the kit to fit.  If you choose to delete the turbos, you will still receive our covers.  You can run the Garrett CHRA’s and will need their GT3582’s.  Need to confirm you are getting them with the 61mm compressor wheel and 62mm exhaust exducer.  That particular CHRA will drop into our housings.  

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20 reviews for 2005-2013 Corvette C6 & C6 Z06 Twin Turbo System

  1. George

    Can’t wait, I would possibly be in the market for a kit for my 2007 z06

  2. keith

    hows the kit coming?

    • admin

      We will be on the dyno tomorrow doing a little testing and finalizing a few things. Should be able to start moving forward on production after getting some results back tomorrow

  3. Ryan

    how is the kit coming along? any updates?

    • admin

      Please check some of my other comments, I have posted the newest updates earlier today

  4. hectoryosvany

    I want to buy one kit let me know went is going to be ready

    • admin

      Will do!

  5. Andrew

    i am in let me know when they are in

    • admin

      Keep checking back as this will be the place we post updates. We have a test session scheduled for Monday. Ill post how that goes and final numbers for the base 5psi setting. We want to verify the last few changes we have made before running the scheduled production. 700rwhp on 5-6psi and a bone stock Z with our system is going to be simple. Ready to take on this Corvette market ASAP, you guys need us!

  6. Ali

    whin the kit will be ready for sale ?

  7. hectoryosvany

    I can’t wait to getter end putter on my car

  8. Richard Fitzgerald

    Any more info on the kits? dyno numbers, availability?

    • admin

      I just posted up a few new results and details

  9. Adam Aragon

    Hi I have a 2011 C6 that I want to put a TT System on. I am very interested in your product. I have been shopping around and I don’t like all the cutting away required for other systems, or where they are placing the turbos. From what I have seen from your Instagram page I like. Please keep me informed and in line for one of your first kits.

  10. gofa kurself

    Soooo…. When will this be available??? Generation behind now…

    • admin

      Not quite, the C7 is already in the works as well… We are casting custom exhaust housings right now for the C6, thats really the major hold up. Aside from that, everything is on track

  11. Jarren Brown

    do you guys have any additional pictures you can post? im interested to know where you will be putting the turbo’s

    • admin

      Turbos are mounted just below each cylinder head and tucked in almost as if it were a factory installed TT setup

  12. Nossty1

    How about some new pictures. I’ve got a procharged 08 in need of a change!

    • admin

      Thats on my list of things, been cold and the car is tucked away but Ill try to get it out soon enough for some new photos

  13. Troy

    I can’t wait till the release of this kit! So pumped and ready to go!

    • admin

      Its now 4 weeks or closer to the first kits shipping out of our door!

  14. A.J. Cannon

    Just checking to see how the C6 ZO6 twin turbo kit is coming along? Thanks A.J.

    • admin

      We just released the kit on the site for pre-sales and we are within the 4 week mark from shipping the first systems out

  15. Jeff

    Any pics of what the kit looks like when installed? Also how close to taking orders?

    • admin

      I will open the website up to pre-order by the end of this month to get things going. I just do not want to open that up any earlier than 4 weeks out. Its the way I have always done business

  16. Chandlir `

    Will this kit work on a ls2 c6 or is it strictly for c6z?

    • admin

      The only difference is with the dry sump and we will just offer a package to address that along with the kit. So its one package fits all the C6, Z or GS w/ dry sump will just need our line package we have made

  17. Andrea Jonex

    I want this kit for my c6z06 how do I get in on the first 10 I’m going though the motor now and would love to put this on while the motor is out thanks.

    • admin

      Im working on the site now, Im going to try and get it updated and the pre-sale open in the next few days. I just wanted to be 100% certain we were going to be within 4 weeks out from shipping before I would take any orders. Im weird about that and thats how so many turbo companies get bad names. I have worked hard on this kit and want the customers to be happy with it from day one

  18. Stephan

    Have these started shipping yet?

    • admin


  19. Sean mihoky

    Has anyone purchased and installed? Am curious of what they think

    • admin

      We are finishing up a Dart engine which went into our shop car, keep checking back, should be back up and running within a few weeks. We will be posting much more with that car as we make headway.

  20. rick

    are these in stock for C6 05

    • admin

      Yes they are, we are a little behind but should be able to ship a kit within 3-4 days

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