2008+ Suzuki Hayabusa Gen. 2 Single Turbo System

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2nd Gen Busa Turbo System


We are hands down offering the most for your money and have this system in stock, on the shelf and ready to ship.  It was brought to our attention that we might want to look into the Busa turbo systems and possibly design a production kit.  After researching, we knew that with the resources we have, we can develop a perfect product to fit this niche.  We ended up buying a 2008 Busa for our development and started with one of our On 3 55mm GT30 custom turbos.  Instead of doing the traditional log manifold design, we did a very thick SCH 10 stainless steel tubular manifold to start with.  Next almost all of the stuff on the market uses a 4 bolt t3 flange which is an older design.  We are phasing a lot of our turbos to the newer Vband inlet housings we have tooled up for and designed.  So its a great flowing turbo housing, more compact and cast from stainless steel.  So its not only going to function well, its never going to surface rust like the iron housings will within days.  This really separates our design and turbo system from anything else out there on the market currently.

Exiting the turbo, we have a slash cut side exiting downpipe constructed of 3.0″ 304ss.  As for the boost control, we designed around our already proven and popular 44mm wastegate.  This is a v-banded unit for easy adjustment and comes standard with the black anodized finish and stainless steel base.  Each kit is loaded with the 7psi gate spring and that proved to make excellent power on our completely stock engine bike.  Out of the wastegate, we opened a casting mould to have a very tight radius dump tube exit the gate and mirror the downpipe.  This too is constructed of 304ss

Out of the turbo we have a hard pipe kit that feeds up to the On 3 Performance plenum included with each of our turbo systems.  We use all 5 ply On 3 Performance silicone couplers with this system as well as stainless steel T-bolts to keep everything in place.  Our aluminum hand fabricated intake plenum is completely tig welded and made from formed 6061 Aluminum.  Ends are machined so the couplers have something to bite into and keep secure under boost.  Also built into the plenum we have a 50mm blow off valve flange standard.  Each kit will include our On 3 Performance 50mm blow off valve as your will notice in the photos.  On the front of the plenum we have 1/8″npt ports to easily get your reference for the blow off valve and wastegate.  Although the water lines aren’t 100% required to change, we still went ahead and fabbed up new hard 304ss fabricated coolant lines to keep out of the way.  They not only look good but they are functional by keeping anything rubber away from hot items.

Power Info:  This is what everyone wants to know and the big question we are asked.  As mentioned before, we didnt do anything internal as far as the rotating assembly.  We only welded up the clutch, its still the factory fibers and plates.  In addition to that, we kept the stock injectors in place and threw one of our On 3 320lph fuel pumps in the tank.  We drove it over to our local dealer/installer/tuner and had him strap the bike down.  After a quick session on the dyno, we were able to make right at 280rwhp on this bike without much effort.  Clearly its wanting to make more but thats the limits of the factory rotating assembly.

Turbo Selection:  If you are building a bike and going to make 350rwhp or less, the On 3 55mm turbocharger is all that your going to need, don’t upgrade to the On3 61mm GT35 as its pointless and only going to hurt the performance and make it less efficient.  If your going for numbers that will exceed that, we have the 61mm option as well as the newest billet 61mm 11 blade.

Each Turbo System Includes:

  • On 3 Performance Journal Bearing 55mm Turbocharger
  • On 3 Performance Compact Compressor Cover
  • On 3 Performance Stainless V-band Entry Exhaust Housing
  • On 3 Performance SCH 10 Stainless Steel Fabricated Turbo Header
  • On 3 Performance Cold Side w/ 5 ply Silicone Couplers
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve – Color: Black
  • On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegate – Color: Black
  • On 3 Performance Fabricated Intake Plenum (Tig Welded) – Color: Black
  • Stainless Steel T-bolt Kit
  • Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp
  • Custom Stainless Turbo Inlet V-Band Clamp
  • 304ss Tubular Coolant Line Set – 2pc
  • 304ss Tubular 3.0″ Downpipe
  • 304ss Wastegate Dump Tube
  • On 3 Performance Custom Urathane Air Filter

Items to complete the kit:  We have the turbo mounted higher than the oil pan so in theory it should have no problem draining back depending on where the fitting is placed.  This can become an issue however and back the turbo up.  What happens at that point your going to either spit oil out of the downpipe or into the compressor cover possibly.  In order to prevent this, we recommend the mechanical oil pump to pull the oil from the drain, back into the engine.  We do handle this product and you are able to select and add it to your order in the optional items list.  That is what we run on our test subject and it works flawlessly.  Another upgrade some will opt for is the low profile, dry sump billet oil pan.  We also tested and ran this on our test bike and its a great addition while doing the turbo system upgrade.  This is also available through us and you can find it in the option items list as well.

Shipping:  Currently we are running a special on these kits and it will be Free Shipping to the lower 48 States.  We will ship abroad as well as AK & HI for an additional cost

Ohio Residence:  Subject to 7.50% sales tax on any system shipping inside the state of Ohio

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  1. Kevin

    I spoke with Jeff Green he told me you guys might have a kit out for a gen 1 busa, I have a 2006 was looking to get pricing together for a turbo kit. Does your kit come as a complete system. let me know thanks

    • admin

      Right now we just have the Gen 2 kits ready to go, the intake plenum is different on the gen 1 bikes and we don’t have that to offer yet. We are waiting to see how the Gen 2 sales go and we will decide on running a Gen 1 system.

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