On 3 Performance 1998 – 2002 Camaro / Trans-am Twin Turbo System

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We have worked on this design for a long time now and pleased to now offer this kit to the public.  If you want to have serious power potential and have a system that looks absolutely killer under the hood, look no further.  This kit offers a lot of our newest design products and cannot be happier with the results to this point during our testing stages.  To give you an idea of what we have done, a personal friend and part time On 3 Performance fabricator came forward with his 4th gen Camaro already running one of our single turbo systems.  We decided a top mounted twin system would be a great option to expand on what we have already developed.  The car was originally making just shy of 700rwhp with the On 3 single system (LS1).  Once the twins were developed, the test car was swapped to a 5.3 truck engine with some good heads and thats where our testing started.  We bolted on the optional On3 11 Blade CNC Billet Wheel 61mm journal bearing turbos and through an unlocked Turbo 400, the car is right at 900rwhp.  Currently running out of fuel and new dyno results to come but that is mostly likely very close to 1100 horsepower to the flywheel.  This shows you the true potential with the On3 4th gen F-b0ody twin turbo system.  It all comes down to the power the kit can make and these are real world numbers, now on to the kit details

Turbos:  Our On3 twin turbo system is going to come standard with our On 3 journal bearing 55mm turbocharger.  This is a great starting point and what most of our newer turbo systems run including our shop 1500 twin turbo truck (currently makes 625/675).  Our 4″ inlet anti-surge covers are standard with all the kits as well as our newest exhaust housings.  This turbo system utilizes our custom cast stainless steel exhaust housings featuring V-band inlet and V-band Outlets.  The housings are extremely friendly to work with over a traditional 4 bolt design and has much more adjustment during installation.  Not to mention its not going to be a rusted eye sore like 99% of the exhaust housings you see on the market after a few months of driving.  We have a number of turbo upgrades available and you can go with CNC Billet wheel upgrades, ceramic ball bearing as well as larger exhaust housings if you are going to be shooting for higher hp or larger cubic inch engines.  The 55mm option will be good up to the 800hp range and anything over that, you will want to at least upgrade to the On3 61mm turbochargers.

Hotside:  Starting with the manifolds, we designed using a sch10 tubing which will be extremely durable and handle the heat, vibration and weight much better than a traditional 16ga tubing like most places use.  To give you an idea, 16ga is generally a seam wall tubing with a thickness of .060″.  Our Manifolds are a cast tubing, seamless and a wall thickness of .120″, that is 2x as thick as most manifolds on the market.  Moving forward, your up pipes from the manifolds to the turbos are a 304ss and 2.5″.  This keeps things very simple for the installation and everything is v-banded, turbo manifolds, up pipes, down pipes, wastegate, etc.  You will have 2 options for your downpipes, if you are running the stock suspension, you will need to go with our open downpipes which turn down by each side of the front bumper.  If you are running an On 3 turbo K-member, you can go with the full downpipes that take you through the k-member and turn down at the transmission tunnel.  All of the downpipe options that we offer are 3.0″ diameter and 304ss.  THE BEST PART, both are included standard with our kit so you can have both options

Coldside:  We wanted the design for the cold side to be as simple as possible and minimize the tubing clutter.  So we designed a merge which combines from each turbo and routes into our On 3 Performance 3″ intercooler.  All of our cores use a bar and plate design along with cast aluminum/tig welded end tanks.  This core has been tested nearly 10 years now and will control proper IAT’s to the 700hp range.  Above that, you will want to upgrade to the 4″ race core which is still a great option for the lower hp cars.  Its not going to hurt performance and keeping cooler IAT’s is only going to allow the car to make more power.  The On 3 prototype system was tested with our newest 5″ race core and we couldn’t be happier with the results we saw with that.  On a humid and 85 degree day the car started a pull at around 99 degrees and after a pull it was only around 107 at the end of the pull.  Keep in mind this is the car making nearly 1100hp to the flywheel, its moving a LARGE amount of air and not rising more than 8 degrees. Moving on, out of the intercooler it is 3″ tubing all the way up to the throttle body.  All of our intercooler tubing we supply is bead rolled, this will allow your couplers to clamp and hold much better under higher boost situations without the worry of popping a coupler.  We also include t-bolts with all of our systems, this is the best clamp you can use and puts pressure 360 degrees around the tubing for a secure connection.  As far as the tubing goes, its all constructed from aluminum to help dissipate heat and help keep the air temps as cool as possible.  Lastly, at the throttle body we designed a unique charge pipe with dual 50mm On 3 Performance blow off valves.  This eliminates any worry of compressor surge and also looks amazing under the hood.  Last but not least, all of our systems feature our high quality 5 ply silicone couplers.  These come black standard with all twin turbo systems and the last layer being red for an accent color.

Turbo System Componets:  Along with each of our turbo systems, there are a number of additional components that make up the full turbo system.  In order to make our kit appeal to the stock bottom end, bone stock engine guy that wants only 450rwhp, the kit uses dual On 3 44mm wastegates.  This will allow you to dial in your boost very low if desired without a worry about boost creep.  You will be able to hold a very steady boost pressure and not worry about making too much power.  Also if you check out our photos, we designed the dump tubes to mirror each other and also put a  slash cut on the end to look cool from the underside.  As mentioned before, we also run dual On 3 Performance 50mm blow off valves standard in all of our turbo systems.  As far as oiling goes, we gathered a full system to cover your turbo oil supply as well as turbo drains.  Since we mounted the turbo up top, there is no need for a scavenger pump like our single turbo systems.  All you do is drill/tap the oil pan for the fittings supplied and gravity will do the rest.  This is much easier on turbos and eliminates any chance for a pump failure to take out turbos.  To get the oil supply up to each turbo, we include a stainless braided oil supply line kit with the fittings needed.  Also we include custom oil restrictor fittings for each turbo that they will require.

Accessory Questions And Other FAQ’s:

When designing this system, there is a lot of tubing that needs to be routed.  You will need to remove the AC when installing this system.  It is not optional, it will be a required step or the system is not going to bolt up.

You will still keep if you desire:

  • Power Steering
  • Sway Bar
  • Factory K member (Although we do run a Turbo K-Member)


Each Turbo System Includes:

  •  On 3 Performance 55mm Journal Bearing Turbochargers (2)
  •  On 3 Performance Anti-Surge Compressor Covers
  •  On 3 Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing / V-band Inlet & Outlet
  •  On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegate Set (2) – Color: Black
  •  On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve Assembly – Color: Black
  •  On 3 Performance Complete Oil Feed / Drain Kit
  •  On 3 Performance Stainless Oil Feed lines & Push Lock Hose Standard
  •  On 3 Performance Fabricated 304ss SCH10 Forward Facing Turbo Manifolds
  •  On 3 Performance Fabricated 304ss Up Pipes (To The Turbos)
  •  On 3 Performance 304ss 3.0″ Downpipe Kit
  •  On 3 Performance 304ss Fabricated Slash Cut Custom Dump Tube Set
  •  Complete Aluminum 6061 Intercooler Tubing Kit
  •  On 3 Performance 4″ Race Core Air To Air Intercooler
  •  5 Ply Silicone Coupler Set
  •  Stainless Steel T-Bolt Set for Couplers
  •  Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp Set
  •  Custom SS Turbo Inlet V-Band Clamp (2)
  • On 3 Performance CNC Billet Aluminum Alternator Relocation Kit
  •  On 3 Performance Custom Vertical Radiator System
  •  Custom Laser Cut / Formed Radiator Bracket
  •  Hard Aluminum Custom Fabricated Coolant Tubes
  •  On 3 Performance 4″ Urethane Air Filter – Nicest Filters On The Market
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Here are a few walk around video clips and dyno videos of the design car:







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    How to order the 61mm with the bigger wastegates and side exhaust

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      We are uploading the info right now on upgrading to the larger turbos, adding injectors, etc

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