On 3 Performance 3″ Aluminum Intercooler Bar and Plate Design


This is by far the most popular intercooler we sell and ships out of our shop daily to customers around the world.  This is a pretty basic air to air intercooler design that is going to have no problem supporting around 700rwhp.  To further the results, you can also opt for our newest V.2 design.  Our newest design released has a cooling divider to allow the intercooler to disperse air more evenly over the full core.  This will help reduce the heat soaking toward the bottom of the core.  Air will be directed more evenly over the entire core to help drop the inlet air temps.  In the optional menu section, just select the V.2 upgrade for the divided end tank, $20 upgrade.


  • Core is 12″ tall x 23.5″ wide
  • Overall Width Inlet to Outlet ~31″
  • Bar And Plate Design
  • 3.0″ Thick

Are you looking for something to support up to 1000hp?  We can support that power goal as well, the On 3 Race Core 4″ air to air intercooler is what you will need.  The cooling divider option is also available for this unit as well.


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