On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegate

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On 3 Performance


On3 Performance 44mm Vband Wastegate


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We are working towards phasing this product out and replacing it with our new compact series wastegate. If you order this and we are out of the standard wastegate, we will send you a compact wastegate instead. If you have any questions please call 614-439-0057!



This is a brand in the box On 3 Performance 44mm wastegate that we have just released.  This is going to be a new product as well that will be the premium upgrade in our new 4v Mustang Cobra forward facing turbo system.  As you can see the quality is top notch and the product performed flawlessly on the dyno


We were able to hold the boost +/- .100 psi of boost on the dyno when testing our new turbo system.  Also as some may know mounting the wastegates can be limited on the 2 or 4 bolt and the vband f


–         On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegate (1pc)

–         V-band Mounting Flange

–         V-band Flange For The Dump Tube

–         V-band Clamps For Both Flanges

–         Fire Ring


V-band Flange allows for complete 360 degree adjustments.  On top of that, there are also 2 base vacuum ports so if there is an obstruction in the way of one, you can just port the vacuum off the other access port.

1 review for On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegate

  1. K. Bright

    By far the best bang for your buck. If you’re a snob for brand name turbos, then the exhaust and cold pipes are worth the price, as they are great quality. I installed this kit on my 06 vortec maxx. Put down 474 HP at the wheels at 8 lbs. Have drove about 3000 miles with the kit and have had no problems. Be sure to attend to crankcase pressure by re-routing the driver’s side vac hose to suction of your turbo.

    • admin

      Thanks for the reply and feedback, always like to hear about the experiences and I know potential customers do as well.

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