On 3 Performance 61mm *Billet Wheel* T-4 Turbocharger



On 3 Performance already has a great reputation for our larger journal bearing units and have added this to the line up.  We have a number of single application cars running this but most common in V-8 Twin Turbo applications.  For a moderate v-8 TT setup (up to 1100Hp) this turbo used in a twin application is perfect.  Over the last year, the LSX guys have really taken to these turbos and been running a lot of custom TT build utilizing these specific units.  They are a perfectly sized turbo for the 300-400ci engines that are going twin and sticking to the 500 – 1100 hp range.

Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain:

To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 4an feed and a 5/8″ return. This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.

Perfect for your On 3 Performance upgrade, Custom Mustang, LSx, ect Build

Cold Side

  • Compressor Wheel 61mm
  • .70 a/r
  • 4” Inlet and 2.5” Compressor Outlet
  • Inducer- 61mm
  • Exducer- 99mm

Exhaust Side

  • Exhaust Housing T-4 Flange
  • .68 ar Exhaust Housing
  • 3.0″ Vband outlet
  • Inducer- 74.5mm
  • Exducer- 65mm


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