On 3 Performance 70mm Journal Bearing Turbocharger

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On 3 Performance already has a great reputation for our larger journal bearing units and have added this to the line up.  We have a number of single application cars running this but most common in V-8 Twin Turbo applications.  For a moderate V-8 Twin Turbo setup, you can expect up to 900-1000hp.  As far as the single turbo applications go, 350-600hp.  Many of our On 3 Performance turbo systems come with this turbocharger standard and we have steadily sold this unit since 2007 when we started.  Its our longest running turbocharger we offer and many units on the market.  You cannot beat this turbo for the money and make exceptional power.

Please do not email and ask if this turbo will work on your application. All specs of the turbo are posted above and would recommend to be used on at least 3.0l+ applications. We cannot answer and know every kit out there and if its going to be an identical bolt in upgrade. Generally it will be a simple upgrade in most cases but could involve you cutting/welding


Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain:

To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 1/8″ feed and a 5/8″ return. This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.

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Perfect for your On 3 Performance upgrade, Custom Mustang, LSx, ect Build

Cold Side

  • Compressor Wheel 61mm
  • .70 a/r
  • 4” Inlet and 2.5” Compressor Outlet
  • Inducer- 70mm
  • Exducer- 99mm

Exhaust Side

  • Exhaust Housing:  T4 inlet
  • . 68 or .96 ar Exhaust Housing – Specify When Ordering
  • 3.0″ Vband outlet
  • Inducer- 74.5mm
  • Exducer- 65mm

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    Can I have this over nighted? Need it by Monday 3-20 today is 3-18

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