On 3 Performance Boost Reference, Fuel Pressure Regulator 1:1


At On 3 Performance we have been working on our fuel system offerings to support our turbo system installs.  This is included STANDARD with any of our already popular fuel systems.  With any forced induction build, you are going to face some sort of fuel upgrade.  If your building your own fuel system, this is fuel pressure regulator solution for your application.  Our regulator is setup for EFI cars and safe with any of the Gasoline or Alcohol fuel options.  It is 1:1 referenced for the boosted cars needing a rising rate regulator.  Meaning for every psi of boost you are running its going to ramp your pressure 1psi.


One of the nice things about our regulator is that is a dual (2) inlet and a single (1) return port.  We designed the regulator to have straight, O-ringed threads for a simple fitting install.  Those that use npt already know you face high pressures and leaks happen to often.  O-ring design fittings can almost tighten up and seal by hand.   Its a superior design and makes for a high quality finished install.


The regulator will come as seen with a hose barb for your boost reference if needed as well as a port for a fuel pressure gauge


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