On 3 Performance Dodge Ram Cummins 3rd Gen Intercooler Upgrade (2003-2009)

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On 3 Performance

5.9 Dodge Cummins HUGE Intercooler UPGRADE

2500 / 3500 Dodge Trucks


Over the past decade, we have been selling this unit and has become extremely popular within the Cummins community.  We are always stocking this item ready to ship daily.  This is designed for the 2003 – 2007 Dodge Ram Cummins turbo diesel trucks.  From testing, the truck dropped intake air temps significantly during driving around the city.  Also the truck comes into boost quicker and noticed also a small increase in fuel efficiency.  A QUESTION ASKED FAR TOO MUCH, is this unit a factory replacement or more of a performance related product?  This intercooler trumps the factory unit in all aspects, its not even close to a comparison.  This is designed for performance although it can be used and often is used for factory replacement.  Our intercooler upgrade is far superior to the factory unit and used by many people pulling, drag racing as well as typical street driving duties.

This core is 2.75″ thick with 3.5″ inlet and outlets on the intercooler.  As you can see the intercooler is massive and has a core size measuring 26″ across and 28.5″ tall!  Which in turn is going to be a huge improvement over stock, keep your IAT’S in check and help make more power with better fuel economy.


1- On 3 Performance Dodge Air to Air Intercooler


When installing our intercooler kit: 

We have the end tanks cast with 3.5″ inlet and outlet to support greater hp numbers and flow.  Your factory silicone couplers and tubing into the factory unit are 3″.  So when installing our intercooler, it will require new couplers to adapt.  We now have custom HIGH PRESSURE / Enforced On3 Performance couplers that you can buy for $69.  They are not included with the price of the intercooler and must be bought separately. ***Does include new t-bolt clamps as well to keep couplers secured even under high boost application


This item is very large and heavy so its hard to ship.  We ship ups ground and it will be FREE to ship to the lower 48 USA states.



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We also carry Intercoolers for the 4th gen Cummins now for the guys upgrading trucks in the near future!



3 reviews for On 3 Performance Dodge Ram Cummins 3rd Gen Intercooler Upgrade (2003-2009)

  1. james smith

    I been trying to contact somebody there but no prevail.$550.00 ebay price what I was told.I want somebody send me an invoice so I can pay you thru paypal.I plan on taking a trip to oregon and washington in october.This 2006 dodge 5.9 cummins diesel gets me 25.3 mpg.I just put a cold air intake plus a fluid dampner plus bunch other stuff to this truck and this intercooler would be the last thing for me to do.Again,if you can send me an invoice,I can got to the bank and cover everything.Thanks Jim

    • admin


      I can certainly help you out with that, this is actually priced cheaper than ebay. Shipping is included in this price here so you are saving a few dollars actually buying directly on our website over ebay. I can send you a paypal invoice though

  2. Dan Shearer

    I bought this intercooler for my 08 Dodge Ram 6.7 Cummins and I’m beyond thrilled with it definitely worth it thanks for the awesome deal

    • admin

      Thanks for the follow up and glad to hear you are happy with your purchase.

  3. Jim Bateman

    Hi, Im curious how much pressure is this rated for? I’m running compounds and see well over 45 to 50 lbs. While towing with a modest tune.
    Thanks in advance Jim.

    • admin

      We have customers ranging in the 80-100psi area on the higher side

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