On 3 Performance Injector Flow Bench / Injector Ultra Sonic Cleaner – 8 Cylinder

$1,299.00 $899.00

***This piece of equipment will pay for itself in any shop with less than 10 injector services***

Must Have Shop Equipment!!!

We are now offering the exact injector service station that we use at our shop here to clean and properly flow test customer injectors.  This is a must have tool for any garage or shop working on anything from stock vehicles to aftermarket performance applications.  Its such an affordable tool, individuals can turn a profit from this machine while being able to continuously monitor/service your vehicles injectors as needed.  With the injector being an integral part of the vehicles overall operation, its imperative to verify equal flow.

Most fuel around the country is a blend of ethanol that can be harsh on injector internals and lead to premature failure/poor flow.  Swinging to the opposite side of the spectrum, many high performance applications are running strictly E-85 fuel blends.  This is even harder on injectors and require flow testing annually to verify flow matching numbers.  A failing injector will throw of a tune, potentially run a cylinder lean and cause catastrophic engine failure.  Using our equipment, you are able to test:

  • Initial Flow Analisys
  • Leak Down
  • Analizy Spray Patterns
  • Dynamic Flow Testing
  • Static Flow Testing
  • Ultra Sonic Pulsing (Cleaning Stage)
  • Optional- Universal O-Ring/Micro Filter/Filter Tool Kits


Notes on high flow injector testing:    With injectors these days being 1000+ cc, you need to flow the injectors individual at a time to keep steady testing pressures.  This is still a quick and easy process but required with some of the higher flow injectors to get accurate data

Shipping:  We ship our flow testing machines by UPS ground to the lower 48 states flat rate $125.  They are packaged as well at we possibly can however they are not light and UPS is rough on things sometimes.  Insurance is optional at $15

Freight Shipping:  We recommend doing a freight shipment to ensure the machine is handled properly, kept upright and gets to you in the same condition as we shipped it in.  Must ship to a commercial location and you will need to get an accurate quote/pay the difference if you select to ship truck freight


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