On 3 Performance Mustang Coyote Swap Stainless Steel Turbo System – Hotside Only

$1,599.00 $1,300.00

After purchasing our shop car as a roller, I decided to pick up a 2nd Gen F-150 coyote engine and get started with our swap.  Being these swaps are coming down in price and people are making crazy power, we decided to offer our kit we developed as a production system.  As you can see below, the car makes excellent power and the fit/finish is exactly what you are looking for.  Headers are constructed from 304ss thick wall tubing.  We designed these to fit around the UPR/Team Z k-members as a heads up.  Exiting the headers, we have a 2.5″ 304ss merge pipe up to the turbo which is setup with a t-4 flange.  The downpipe is a 3.0″ exit from the turbo stepped to a 4″ downpipe

We have 2 options you can go with on the downpipe, one being a fender exit and one designed to go back through the k-member so you could tie into a catback exhaust system.  Make sure when ordering you put in the notes the year of the car and which exhaust option you want included

Details On The Kit:

In order to make everything fit the way we wanted, we designed around the factory Mustang location accessories.  There are several places making swap accessory brackets and we wanted to keep everything in the stock location that was possible.  That being said, you can still run the AC if you choose in the stock location, same goes for the alternator, tensioner, and water pump.  Being these cars from the factory come with electric power steering, that is the one variable most people fight.  We make this easy and have tested to have a solution for this as well.  Buy a Volvo S40 electric power steering pump, they can be used universally and we plumb this into the hydroboost as well so we maintain power steering/power brakes.  Clearly most guys with race cars are not worried about this, we wanted to share this specific info so you can at least do your research and accomplish both PS/PB if you desire and to show it is possible.

Each Kit Includes:

  •  On 3 Performance Forward Turbo Headers – 304ss
  •  On 3 Performance Turbo Merge Pipe – 304ss
  •  On 3 Performance downpipe kit – 304ss




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