On 3 Performance Twin Turbo Air to Air Intercooler 3.5″ Core – CLEARANCE!!!

$375.00 $299.00

We decided to do one more run of these after doing our blow out sale, we had so many people reaching out that missed the deal. We are truly here to support the community and offer products for our customers to meet their goals! So once again we have a run of these at a very low price, those of you that have been wanting these and feel you missed out. This is your chance!!

This is our Twin Turbo Race core, it is rated up to 950HP and is constructed from a bar and plate core.  Aluminum fabricated end tanks and setup for 2.5″ inlets and 3.5″ outlet.  Our intercooler will be a perfect fit for your custom twin turbo application.  The actual design was made specifically for our C6 twin turbo application that has since been phased out.

Also you will see we have integrated into the core a dual 50mm BOV flange.  Most people like this and a few want them relocated elsewhere.  If you wanted us to weld them shut for your application prior to shipping, let us know and it will be $70 fabrication charge.

The core is 24″ wide and 3.5″ thick.  From inlet to opposite side inlet at the bottom ~27.5″.  Measurement overall from lowest point to the top of the outlet ~17″  We have the measurements in the photos showing a tape measure if you need to check for fitment

Shipping:  $21 to the lower 48 usa states Only!  We will ship internationally, buyer will be responsible for shipping charges

Ohio Residence:  7.50% Sales tax ONLY to Ohio sales


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