Turbo Smart Oil Pressure Regulator T40


On3 Performance


                       To remain healthy your turbocharger wants to see about 40 psi of oil pressure regularly. It is ok to see occasional spurts above 40 psi, but your seals will start leaking over time if your turbo sees 60-80 psi continuously. With the popularity of engine builders using high pressure and high volume oil pumps to keep high performance engines happy, this is your weapon to combat that and keep your turbo safe. You can think of it as an insurance policy for your turbocharger.
                    This oil pressure regulator is the correct method to combat high volume / high pressure oil issues. It is important to understand that using an oil restrictor fitting on a non ball bearing turbo and even some ball bearing turbochargers with larger rear thrust bearings will eventually starve it of oil, cause it to overheat the bearings and fail prematurely.

OPR T40 Oil Pressure Regulator

  • 40 PSI
  • -4 AN ORB Inlet, Outlet, and Return Ports
  • 1/8 in. NPT Gauge Port with Blanking Screw
  • Includes Mounting Bracket and Circlip
  • TS-0801-1002