We are designing the new 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo System!

***Update 7-2-15

The car is ready for the dyno as of right now and we are just waiting for the tuner to get the ecu flashed.  As long as everything looks good at that point, we are off to the dyno for some final testing results.  We are scheduled for Monday or Tuesday to have the car flashed and started up.  As long as the results from the dyno look good, we will be directly into production on the kit.  Over the last 2-3 weeks we have made a number of fitment changes to satisfy our requirements.  Almost everything from the original design has been changed but for the better.  The oil scavenging system we design is very unique and the fit / finish is perfect.  Its not only going to look good but has been well thought out and designed to allow the turbos to still partially gravity drain which is easier on the turbos.  Also less likely to back them up under a full throttle pull, check out the photos we posted

A lot of questions concerning air filters and the elements.  We have cold air induction pipes that route back up front and place filters behind the front bumper on each side.  They are not exposed and as long as you replace the original belly pan, there is not going to be anyway for water or debris to even reach them.  This will pull fresh, cold air to the turbos and the length of the pipes will ensure air is at close to ambient temperature.  That will in turn provide a very cool air charge when paired up with our intercooler core that has already been proven over 1200rwhp

The ever so important release date, assuming we are able to get the car on the dyno this coming week and the results are exactly what we are looking for.  We will go directly into production with the turbo system and we are looking at possibly around the end of September for the first few kits to start rolling out.  We will allow for pre-sales on this system when we are certain the kit is 4-6 weeks out MAX from delivery


***Update 5-27-15

We are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and starting to assemble the prototype parts onto the 2015 test vehicle.  So far we are very happy with the fit and finish and moving forward.  We have the turbo headers going on, assembling the turbos and intercooler/cold side tubing will be going on next week.  Things should continue to move fairly quick from here and hope to have the car back under its own power within the next few weeks.  If we stay on track there should be some of the preliminary testing finished up by the middle of June.  As long as everything tests out well, we will instantly go into production to allow for a release still this summer


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***Update 5-4-15

We are getting close to finishing up the turbo design for this s550 platform and are planning to have the car on the dyno this month for numbers and to confirm fit / finish.  We have jigs formed and prototype pieces being completed on them for our final testing.  If everything tests out as we anticipate, it will go directly into the production stages.  With that being said, we will release the first 15 kits to pre-sale at that time.  Keep checking back for that information if you are wanting to be one of the first twin turbo 2015 Mustangs in your area.  At this time, the kit is expected to be released at $4,750


***Update 1-25-15

The design is coming together and we have the turbos placed and most of the design planned out.  Unlike our 2011-2014, they will be lower mounted on this application.  Ford really took most of the room away under the hood and makes it a clutter to mount.  This way we will have more room to work with, more turbo options for the person wanting to make serious power (1000hp +).  Stay tuned for more information and updates



On 3 Performance is at it again and have started the design process for the new 2015 Mustang GT.  One of our customers have came forward and loaned us his virtually brand new Mustang for the design phase.  Our favorite was when the car showed up and still had 30 day tags on it, doesn’t get much better than that!  As we make headway, we will be posting here and updating with photos and details.  At this point we have rock solid release date but hoping for late summer/Fall release.

As for the details, we will be designing around:

  • – Our proven 1000+rwhp intercooler
  • On 3 55mm or 61mm turbo (1000 hp worth of turbos)
  • brand new custom cast stainless steel exhaust housings
  • New custom cast On 3 Performance compact compressor covers
  • stainless steel tubular turbo headers
  • On 3 Dual 44mm wastegates
  • On 3 Dual 50mm blow off valve
  • 3″ downpipes
  • aluminum cold side, bead rolled, t-bolt clamps standard


There will be much more to come and we will keep everyone up to date as we make progress.  Tentative pricing –  $4,149

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