2015 5.0 Mustang Twin Turbo & TT Silverado / Sierra Turbo System Details

We have been working hard throughout the 2015 year to build new systems to offer and move our entire operation to a new warehouse.  This is going to allow for us to do more in 2016, improve inventory and shipping times for certain.  We have also completed the design and testing for two of our newest turbo systems that will hit the market in 2016.  The twin turbo Coyote 5.0 system first off is in production and scheduled to hopefully start shipping around Jan. 2016.  If we stay on track, the pre-sales will open right at the beginning of the year.  We have also recently finished with the 99 – 06 twin turbo Silverado / Sierra 1500 system which turned out even better than we expected.  The visual impression under the hood is amazing and the overall performance gives you chills.  It really exceeded any expectations and even daily driving its so quick into boost and really overall improves the way the vehicles drive.  Throttle response is great and driving from stop light to stop light you will notice how responsive the truck is compared to how they feel stock.  Makes you second guess the factory performance of the truck and realize how sluggish it feels compared to when its boosted.  Keep an eye on each section as we will be updating with news over the next few months.  Also follow us on Instagram to see the behind the scenes details that you won’t see anywhere else and peaks into new projects:  IG user name :  On3Performance

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