Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Having issues processing your order on our site and being declined???

A:  All credit card companies require you to ship to the same billing address the card goes to.  Some companies do not require this but its their own liability at that point.  We will not chance it and MUST ship to the exact billing address the card goes to.  If not the order will always be declined and it will never process/ship

Q:  Does my car/truck need to be tuned after install?

A:  YES!!!  This is one of the most important aspects of the overall setup that will distinguish how the car is going to run and ultimately last.  If you short-cut, start the car up and run it untuned, I would plan on having a new short block on standby…

Q:  How is boost controlled on a turbo system?

A:  Google is your friend on this question but in short, its all controlled by the On 3 Performance wastegate included in your turbo system.  The “gate” as we refer to it is loaded with a spring before shipped and will regulate the amount of exhaust flow through the turbocharger.  You can adjust boost 1 of 2 ways by either changing out the spring in the wastegate or else by purchasing an optional manual/electronic boost controller on our webstore.  It simply splices into the vacuum line going to the wastegate and allows you to turn it up from there.

Q:  Do you have a warranty?

A:  YES, it is detailed on the website, please read over and inquire about any concerns before ordering.  If there is nothing implied or expressed for your specific item being purchased, it would not have a warranty associated with it.  We are selling racing components that are designed to be abused and pushed to the limits.  

Q:  After my item ships, how long should it take to arrive?


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