Warranty / Return Policy

Please understand that the warranty of your turbo starts the day that the turbocharger, or kit is received. This is a very strict policy that we do not deviate from, so please be aware of it.

Any warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product from On 3 Performance, there are no exceptions to that rule.

The hot side of the turbo kit–meaning exhaust from headers to turbo and turbo to cat back if included in the purchase is covered for 1 year.

We have a limited life-time warranty on the cold side–intercooler tubing– from manufacturer defects.

The On3 turbocharger is covered by a ONE month warranty (30 days), unless otherwise implied in writing.

If there is an issue, or defective item: we will fix that specific part. On3 Performance does not issue a new item or part in question. You will be required to send the item/part to us or a designated third party in order for us to do an evaluation of why it failed. If there is a reason that the item needs to be replaced quicker than the normal turnaround time, it’s your option to buy another part or item at full price. If it is found that On3 Performance is at fault, then we will refund that amount. We will not cover expedited shipping charges, that will be the customer’s sole responsibility.

If the item is not able to be corrected, we will issue a new part/piece in question.

We will not cover any labor costs associated with items in question. This means that if there is a product that must come off the car that was part of a paid install, we do not cover the labor to remove or reinstall the product.

If an item is not mentioned in this section, there is no warranty implied.

We do not accept returns on electronics of any kind.

Manifold / Hot Side Specifics: Most issues with manifolds are generally caused by installation issues. Specifically, wrapping manifolds with heat wrap.  Wrapping any manifold that On 3 Performance manufactures will violate your warranty.  Cerakote or heat paint is fine and encouraged, but again do NOT wrap your manifolds.  It is absolutely finite use heat wrap on your crossover / merge pipes or any downpipe components.

Turbo Specifics: Most issues with a turbocharger is normally caused by installation errors.

If you use anything other than the supplied fittings, the turbo warranty is voided.

Please inquire with us if you are unsure as to what to use with our turbocharger on your setup.

If you use TEFLON OR ANY THREAD SEALER, the warranty is instantly voided.

The turbo must be clocked, if you fail to do so, the turbo will not be covered under warranty. This is overlooked and often times the #1 issue with turbo failure. If you are having issues with clocking your turbo, please contact us. If you are not confident with being able to clock the turbo, or install it, or any part of the kit, please have it professionally installed.

During installation, make sure your oil pan fitting is above the oil level for proper drain, away from the hot parts.

Also, ensure you do not have crank case pressure issues. This means making sure your PCV’s are vented to atmosphere with a breather. If a catch can is installed, make sure that is has an adequate sized breather to relieve any excess crank case pressure. Unvented PCV’s and sealed catch can systems will cause issues and potentially blow the seals in your turbo(s).

If there is an issue with the turbocharger, we may request the oil feed line to be sent back for inspection as well.  We understand no one likes downtimes but if you have an issue, NO TURBO MANUFACTURE ON THE MARKET JUST SHIPS OUT A NEW TURBO.  

The unit must be shipped back and inspected or fixed. Every turbo we sell is 100% serviceable and there is not an issue we cannot take care of.

As mentioned before, if you cannot have any downtime you might look into a spare CHRA for purchase.  However there is no way around the inspection / rebuild process, it can take up to 10 business days.

If you have an issue under warranty, the purchaser must ship the product back to On 3 Performance. We do not cover shipping back to us but we will pay the shipping to return the item.

If you have a warranty issue with any product not manufactured by On 3 it is handled directly with the manufacture. We will gladly assist with getting any issue resolved under the manufactures warranty but we cannot and will not issue brand new items that must be returned to a manufacture to be inspected, fixed, calibrated, or new parts issued. If you don’t agree, please purchase direct from the manufacture

If there is a warranty claim on a turbo, it does not get inspected from On 3 Performance.  We use a third party resource which will provide a completely unbiased inspection of the turbo and generate a review on the failure.  We are not affiliated and there will be a $115 fee factored into the turbo rebuild if the unit is deemed not to be a manufacture defect.  So there is a $115 fee for the inspection. If it is a manufacture defect we cover that cost. However, if it is an oiling, draining, or use issue, you will be responsible for the charge and will not be refunded.

Missing or Damage to Package:

If there is anything is missing from the package, it absolutely must be reported within the first 48 hours of reception.

For turbo kits, there is an item list on your intercooler box that contains the components and options of your kit. You will be required to submit a picture of the pick ticket when reporting a missing item.

We individually package and mark off each item as it is pulled to ensure when it leaves our dock that every item has been accounted for.

If there is damage, the package should be noted immediately with UPS before the package is accepted at delivery. Failure to do so can cause issues with items being replaced as UPS will not cover this. Also, understand that you need to keep your packaging for inspection by UPS.

We are very specific and strict on our policy, many items have to be installed in very specific ways and without doing so can damage or destroy the parts. Please read your directions with care and if you are not sure, have someone experienced do the install. These are parts designed for racing applications, things break when pushing limits so be aware when going into a project.

Special Order Items: Such as fuel items, mass air kits, suspension, anything electronic and custom modification sales are final and non-returnable or refundable.

·         No returns on any products over 30 days and absolutely no returns on anything electronic. If a product is not in the original packaging, we cannot accept a return

·         If a product had been modified in any manner, coated, etc, it is not returnable

·         No item will be accepted without a RA number, email On3.Greg@Gmail.com for return details

·         Any returned item is subject to 20% restocking fee

On 3 Performance always recommends professional installation on all products. Any item which has been altered, painted, installed or deemed non-resalable by On 3 Performance will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. On 3 Performance is not responsible or liable for labor fees associated with the installation, removal, modification, painting or repair of any product purchased regardless of the circumstances. On 3 Performance is not responsible for any damage or discoloration incurred in relation to heat and chemical products being used including cleaners, waxes, polishes, paints, etc.

By placing your order, you are agreeing to these terms.

RMA Information:  If you are making a return, you will need to print this page and fill in the following to process your return.  Without this page, your return will be marked return to sender.  If the following is not filled out in complete, your return will not be processed.  Email on3.greg@gmail.com for an RMA if needed


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Credit Card Number, and Expiration Date, to Credit:  ________________________________

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