1999 – 2006 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Twin Turbo Design in prototype stages

Update:  We completed most of the testing needed in order to be comfortable with production.  With the base system, we were able to put down 610hp and 675 ft / lbs of torque with the truck in street form.  This was around 13psi and have been daily driving it like this since we finished the truck and its a beast!  Check out the teaser video we filmed of the truck in action:





We have been working on a new twin turbo 1500 design throughout 2015 and the test vehicle is up and running.  Its turned into the owners personal daily driver for the past few weeks while we get more testing data and feedback.  So far we could not be any happier with the system and the new line of On 3 Stainless Steel turbos are exceeding any expectations we had on the design.  The truck literally is instantly into boost whenever you want it, making it a monster to daily drive.  The low end power make the truck more enjoyable to drive and gas mileage is somewhat unaffected depending on the driving style.  Its currently setup on E-85, custom twin pumps and a set of Deka 80# injectors to feed the fuel.  On the highway, we still are getting somewhere around 16-20mpg depending on the road grade.  That absolutely blows my mind when I think back to my Trailblazer SS days which had a twin screw supercharger and 42# injectors that was lucky to get 9.5 average at any given time.

The details are not quite set but we plan to offer this in stages as well.  Our out of the box Stage 1 55mm system is exactly how we have our shop truck setup right now.  Thats a 750hp package and we expect to make 600 wheel on our completely stock 5.3l.  Granted this might be pushing it, we will dial it back when its not needed, thats the great part about going turbo.  The adjustability is nothing more than just a twist of the On 3 billet boost controller.  If your planning for a more serious build in the future or already have the supporting mods to go big, we will also have a 1000hp package as well with our On 3 61mm turbos.  All of the kits standard will have the newest design exhaust housing which is a stainless steel investment casting.  This utilizes as V-band inlet instead of the traditional 4 bolt t3 or t4 pattern that most are used to seeing.  This makes installation and adjustments a breeze when setting up your truck.  This is brand new technology that we will be developing around and hopefully re-visiting older kits and allowing for them to also use these same housings.  When you see a turbo car thats been together for a few years my eyes get drawn to the exhaust housings that surface rust pretty quick being cast iron.  Thats a thing of the past with this new design, almost too nice to even cover with a turbo blanket

The intercooler is unique on this design as well, its a proven TT core that we have sold now for almost 2 years and have seen over 1200rwhp with it.  So there is no need to prove it when we have already pushed it to the limits.  It was able to keep IAT’s in check at that power level and about the point where we would call it maxed out, well beyond the limits that most will push it.  Thats at least 1400HP at the crank which is an insane amount of power.  Also to be able to support the higher HP numbers, all kits will have 3″ dual 304ss exhaust to work your way back from the turbos.  We also put a twist on the exhaust instead of running a pair of 3″ pipes back, we designed an integrated X-pipe design standard into each turbo system.

As of right now, we are hoping to have this system available to the general public by March and will start pre-sales on the kit by February.  We are targeting the kit to be released at $3,700 and that will be the full system.  You will then need to add in the supporting mods for fueling and tuning from there just like all of the other systems we currently offer.  We will be adding the package to the website as its finalized and item details.  Stay tuned for updates here as well as in the Turbo Systems Page in our Web Store





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