On 3 Performance 78mm Turbocharger – 7875

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Over the last year we have started selling this specific turbocharger and it has became a very popular for the single turbo V-8 crowd.  Very affordable and has made some very stout HP numbers on various applications.  We have seen guys running singles and down into the 9’s and even seen a few twin applications into the 8’s.  This turbo will be capable of supporting 800+ rwhp and great for the larger cubic inch engines to keep back pressure under control.  Most of the similar compressor spec turbos on the market are 65mm or smaller exhaust wheels which is a MAJOR limiting factor.  Our new 75mm exhaust wheel is going to allow for higher hp number when paired up with the larger 78mm compressor wheel.  This will keep the back pressure in check as well and keep from over-spinning the turbocharger.  You cannot beat the price and is a great upgrade if your already maxing out our ever popular On 3 76mm turbocharger with the smaller 65mm exhaust wheel.  We beat anything on the market for this price point.

2016 we will be releasing a billet wheel version, keep an eye out.  If you already have one of our turbochargers, we will also sell a billet wheel upgrade outright so you can upgrade the turbocharger on your own if desired


Turbo Specs-  

Cold Side:

Compressor Wheel 78mm

.80 a/r

4” Inlet and 2.5” Compressor Outlet

Inducer-   78mm

Exhaust Side:

Exhaust Housing T-4 Flange

.96 ar Exhaust Housing

3.0″ Vband outlet

Exducer-  76mm

ON 3 PERFORMANCE TURBO KIT CUSTOMERS INTERESTED IN UPGRADING TO THIS:  $189 if you are purchasing an On 3 Performance Turbo System

We have ran our turbochargers on anything from a daily driver to just the weekend cruiser.  When setup properly they are very reliable and make exceptional power.  The On 3 Performance 2002 GT on our website has our 70mm unit and has been daily driven, put through quite a few passes at the track, 20,000+ miles to this point and still in perfect operating condition.

Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain:

To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 1/8″ feed and a 5/8″ return.  This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.  You can simply add the full feed / drain and even the feed line if desired now.  Order it all at once to not have to track small items down and run proven pieces that are designed to be used with this specific turbocharger


**The last Image in the Product gallery are of the Billet Wheel Version that is listed as an upgrade option- You will not receive that unit unless you select Billet Compressor wheel in the drop down**

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4 reviews for On 3 Performance 78mm Turbocharger – 7875

  1. Sam

    Just wondering if you have finished the billet wheel for this turbo yet? There is no add on options in the features so I’m assuming it hasn’t been finished? But it said beginning of 2016 so I figured I’d check. Thanks

    • admin

      No we have a new revised billet 76 / 75 that will be coming to market next. Its a larger compressor cover and going to support more power than just upgrading the 78mm to a billet wheel. We are expecting to release that around the end of March

  2. Connor

    I don’t see the billet 7675, just the bb 7675. Is the billet still coming?

    • admin

      Yes we have 2 units here unspoken for as of right now

  3. justin zeager

    Is this a ball bearing turbo?

    • admin


  4. justin zeager

    Just getting into the turbo world! So i need the oil restrictor feed plate with this turbo?

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