On 3 Performance Shop T-Shirt


This is long overdue, we finally have our new t-shirts printed and in stock.  We have 2 different designs as well as 2 different colors to offer.  Get yours now while they are in stock, we have a limited amount of each size and color!  New photos will come by this weekend, a quick cell phone photo will show you what we have to offer for right now.  Make sure when you are ordering, you select 3 things to expedite you order:

  • Shirt Color
  • Design
  • Size

Both of our shirt designs have the logo across the back, the main difference is the front.  We have the first design with a horizontal logo across the front.  The second is a vertical logo that goes up the side of the shirt.

Each purchase includes free shipping to your door and that will cover all 50 usa states.

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