1967 – 1969 Camaro LSx Swapped Single Turbo System – LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LSX, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0

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On 3 Performance First Gen Camaro Single Turbo System

1967 – 1969 Camaro Applications

Aug 29, 2022:  As of right now we are 100% out of stock, we are attempting a small production run of 15-20 sets.  If you wanted to get locked in on one of these, please email on3.greg@gmail.com your full info.  We can contact you if the production happens but there is a 50/50 chance still this system is going to be discontinued if suppliers are not able to fulfill some of our custom items we build for this kit.

After a long development process, we are finally ready to introduce our first generation Camaro F-body turbo system.  During the prototype phase, everything went exactly as planned and developed with our 1969 frame off restored Camaro.  The car was swapped with a stock Gen. 3 5.3 engine, small turbo cam and upgraded valve springs.  Other than that, its a pretty much stock engine and head combo.  First time on the dyno, we pulled the car on gate pressure, utilizing our On 3 72mm t4 turbocharger and made a solid 525rwhp to the tires through an unlocked 4l80 automatic transmission.  Keep in mind this was just our base setup, with the converter locked we should see at least 550rwhp on the 7psi setting.  With that being said, this system carries the potential to support 1000HP depending on supporting mods, turbo selection, etc.

On 3 Performance Camaro Key Features – 

When we started this project, we knew customers would want to have creature comforts if possible.  So we started our design with retaining a factory LS1 power steering pump.  Our custom designed forward facing turbo headers will clear the pump location on the driver side.  The next key feature was to retain air conditioning for those that want to utilize a kit such as Vintage air.  When retaining AC, you will be required to use the 510 compact compressor and must be located using a low mount bracket on the lower passenger side.

First Gen Camaro Design – 

Overall we wanted to offer a system that virtually any mechanically inclined individual could install themselves in their own driveway or shop.  Our single system design checks all of those boxes as well as keeping it affordable.  We located the turbo on the passenger side of the engine bay as you will see from the photos.  The headers are made from an extremely durable 3.0mm seamless wall 1.87″ diameter primaries.  From there the crossover is fabricated from a 2.5″ 304ss and runs up to our T-4 turbo flange.  Out of the turbo the downpipe is 3.0″ and steps to a single 3.5″ as it works its way back to the trans tunnel.  At that point we have a merge that splits it into dual 3.0″ which you can either dump the exhaust or build the cutback from there.

Moving to the cold side, we designed it all from 6061 aluminum from the turbo to intercooler and intercooler to throttle body.  All tubing is bead rolled for those running a little higher boost application to keep the couplers clamped securely to the tubing.  In order to further assist with never popping couplers off under boost, we supply all stainless steel t-bolt clamps to get a solid 360 degree clamping pressure around the couplers.  As far as the couplers go, we include are proven custom silicone 5-ply design.  When it comes to cooling the air charge temperature, we designed a one-off air to air, bar and plate core.  This is unique to the F-body specifically and fits perfect in this application and also has no problem with RS hidden head light doors.  We ensured on our project car we had the RS option and has zero interference.

It all comes down to the turbocharger in order to make all the power our customers are looking for.  We chose to go with the fairly new released, On 3 Performance 72mm, journal bearing, T4 housing and v-band outlet.  This turbocharger features our custom anti-surge compressor cover, cast aluminum compressor wheel and a 68mm exhaust turbine.  Our 72mm turbo is a perfect option for those looking to support up to roughly 650-675rwhp.  As you will see we have a number of other turbocharger options if you are looking for upgrades such as CNC billet compressor wheel, ceramic ball bearing CHRA, or turbochargers that can support higher HP numbers.

Need Help Choosing The Proper Turbo?

If you do not know what you are doing with turbo sizing, please call in for advice. We do not want to see you ruin your turbo from lack of proper understanding about motor cubic inch size and turbo exhaust wheel sizing. We most commonly see this when our customers try to put a 65 exhaust wheel on a 6.0 or larger motor. The rule of thumb is the larger the motor, the larger the exhaust wheel you are going to need. If you put too small of a turbo on too large of a motor, the turbo will fail due to this. Again, if you have questions, please call. We can’t possibly know what your project/swap is if you order the kit off of the website without reaching out to us first. Generally, a 70/65 or 76/65 turbo will be just fine for a fairly stock 4.8L or a 5.3L motor, but not ok when you step up into a 6.0. The 6.0L and 6.2L motors should have a 78/75 or larger turbo, depending on the build. Understand that the 76/75 BMF is fine as well, and will actually generate more power than the 78/75. If you are building a 408 or larger, we recommend going with an 88/84mm turbo or a T6, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.


On 3 Turbo System Includes –

  • On 3 Performance 78mm, Cast Aluminum Wheel, Journal Bearing, T4 Turbocharger
  • On 3 Performance Custom Tubular Turbo Headers, 1.87″ Seamless 3.0mm Wall
  • 3.o” to 3.5″ Stepped 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe, V-band Connections, 16 Gauge
  • 304 Stainless Steel Dump Tube
  • 3.5” Intercooler – Bar and Plate Core, One Off Design For 67-69 F-Body
  • Laser Cut Custom Intercooler Brackets
  • 3” 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping, Turbo to Throttle Body
  • On 3 5-ply Silicone Couplers (Black) Needed and Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps
  • On 3 Performance Compact 44mm V-banded Wastegate (Black)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blowoff Valve (Black)
  • Blow-off Valve and Wastegate Flanges Installed and Welded
  • On 3 Performance CNC Machined Billet Manual Boost Controller
  • Oil Feed Kit With All Fittings – Stainless Braided Feed Line
  • Oil Drain Kit With Fittings
  • Stainless Steel V-band Clamps REVISED 8mm Bolt Now
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67-69 Camaro LS Swap Parts Needed/Designed Around – Please note, We designed around these items.  Its the only way we have to guarantee that the fitment will be the same as our design car.  We are learning a lot of the swap parts are not equal and will throw off fitment.  Highly suggest using the same build parts when doing your swap to make the turbo kit install go as smooth as possible

  • Motor mount adapters. We used these billet block plates and then ran 100% stock original SBC motor mounts. If you are using solid or even poly urethane mounts be sure they are the same height as the factory ones. Often times they are shorter and can throw off fitment.


  • Accessories: we used the dirty dingo LS1 style accessory drive and fbody balancer. This is there tight fitting low mount alternator and power steering combo. It allows for plenty of clearance and allows you to use a factory fbody water pump, power steering pump and alternator. This makes it nice in the future when replacing parts. They are all from a 1998-2002 camaro. This also uses a stock tensioner which is required on the kit.


  • If AC is something you want to be use like we did. We used the dirty dingo low mount, mini compressor mount. This will require custom lines. We used a complete vintage air kit inside the car with this mount and a couple custom lines. https://www.dirtydingo.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=373_374&products_id=1660
  • The bracket above that allows you to run AC with the kit will require the use of a mini sanden compressor. SD7B10 is the part number needed. https://www.dirtydingo.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1596
  • Oil pan- we used a Holley retro pan on our swap and it worked great with no clearance issues. If the motor is not already in your car I highly recommend welding or taping the oil pan to accept the oil drain fitting for the turbo on the passenger side. We typically put them between the pan rail bolts on the side just below the starter. This allows for perfect access to tighten the fitting later.


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Here is our shop car during the tuning phase on base wastegate pressure(7psi):





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