2011- 2014 Mustang GT 5.0 Twin Turbo 1200+HP System

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As some know we have been designing a new turbo system for the Coyote platform 2011-2014 Mustang GT 5.0 cars and Boss. This shop car has been used for each stage of our R & D, its a 2011 5.0 automatic. As the car sits, we have not made any other modification to the setup other than a 1-piece drive shaft, injectors, and our complete twin turbo system. We are running our 60mm ceramic ball bearing On 3 Performance turbochargers and control the boost with our On 3 Performance twin 44mm wastegates. These are all standard items included in the production kit we are putting together as we speak. This is good for over 1000rwhp and the system will allow you to still fit up to the 70mm On 3 ceramic ball bearing unit (billet wheel options available as well) for serious power. Our system runs a custom dual inlet intercooler and single outlet with our 50mm blow off valve flange built into it. Its custom built to our spec and physically as large of a core that we could fit behind the bumper, height and width. We have a few customers in line already that are going to make some big numbers and push the setup to the max.
We started around the mid 6psi range and through the automatic we are putting down 570rwhp on a Mustang dyno. This is very concervative and with a little more time on the dyno and cam angle adjustments, I think we could get close to 600 with the boost we are currently running. To get comparisons of what the competition is putting down, we will strap it down on a dynotjet in the near future just to compare numbers. Its not priority to me as I feel its a tool for tuning and I just dont want to get carried away with dyno numbers. The car is making the power and the Seat of the pants feeling already is amazing on the low amount of boost we are running. We had the car in stock trim going 10.70’s at roughly 131mph before turning up the boost.  As of right now, our quickest stock bottom end and daily driven car to date runs an neck breaking 9.60 at 140+.  We have also customers with more serious builds including engine upgrades/fuel that have dipped into the 8’s in the 1/4 mile.  Quickest On 3 2011-2014 equipped car to date with our out of the box On 3 60mm turbos went 8.80’s at the NMRA Finals
The complete design of the system has taken us a long time but for how simple the setup looks, there just isnt much room to work. To make everything into the production form took time and the kit you see on our car here is the first pre-production kit. It looks great as you can see and built it as symmetrical as we could with the space we had to work with. People ask about air filters all the time, we do have air filters that are made and fit on the car. The compressor covers look so good we have a hard time covering them up
Driving the car on the road is just like it was stock, rather quiet unless the electric cutouts are open. Right now the shop car runs our 3 off-road x-pipe from the downpipes back. Once you get into the throttle, that all changes and just have to hear it. We will prepare some videos over the next few weeks driving the car around the city, doing pulls and hope to also get to the track for some passes. It sounds amazing turbo as you hear the turbos spooling up, exhaust screaming and tires trying their best to hook. Just on 5-6psi, the car has no problem going 1-3 and leaving stripes down the road in the rear view. Its been a fun project and without a doubt the most fun car to drive here.

Lets have a fun competition by getting your car put on the ” On 3 Top 10 Coyote List”.  Send us your video, time slip or power numbers so we can get it added up:


Top 10 Quickest and Highest HP Coyote TT Customers:

  1. Sai Li                                    7.92 @ 177-  On 3 Cast Stainless Manifolds, On 3’s Go To For Coyote 5.0 Tuning!  Fastest Bone Stock Unopened 5.0 Long block On 3 Customer 9.66 @144mph / SVT Performance Coyote Turbo Shootout Winner 2014, On3 60mm Turbos(With this Specific Record)
  2. Jon Jacobs     2013 GT     8.43 @ 161 –  On 3 67mm Billet Turbos making 1206 rwhp currently
  3. Josh Ramsey                      8.75 @ 155 –  On 3 67mm Turbos
  4. Steve Mendyuk                  8.84 @ 158 –  On 3 67mm Turbos
  5. Mike DeRosa 2013 GT     8.86@ 158 –  On 3 60mm Turbos, 6r80 Trans, 935rwhp, 18psi
  6. Larry/Travis GREEN 13  8.94 @ 155 –  On 3 67mm Turbochargers, Built shortblock w/ e-85
  7. Anthony Sukhram             9.05 @ 148
  8. Malorie Woods                   9.06 @ 147  –  On 3 Billet 67’s, Built Engine, and TH400 Transmission
  9. Adam Woods                      9.20@92 –     On 3 Performance Twin Turbo System, Built Engine
  10. Derek Clifford                    9.22 @ 151
  11. Julio Sanchez Collazo      9.30 @ 147 –  On 3 60mm Turbos, Built Engine, Auto Trans –  Fastest Twin Turbo Coyote In Puerto Rico
  12. Michael Bunda                  9.30 @ 146 –  Stock Engine And Transmission!!!
  13. Chad – On 3 Owner           9.35 @ 151 –  On 3 60mm Turbos, 830 rwhp / 16psi / e-85, HPP Built Shortblock, Circle D Converter, 6r80 Trans
  14. Larry – White 13                 9.37 @ 154 –  Built shortblock w/ On 3 67mm Billet Turbo Upgrade
  15. Steve Mendyuk                  9.44@133 –  On 3 60mm Turbos
  16. Hollybum Racing              9.4x @ 14x   On 3 67mm CNC Billet Turbos, 6r80 Trans, Aluminator FRPP Engine
  17. Jason Slim                          9.51 @ 147 –  779 / 683 rewhip
  18. Brian Humphrey               9.51 @ 149
  19. John Elsner                        9.56 @ 142
  20. John Pack                           9.62 @ 143
  21. Auto Innovation Qatar     9.74@140-  On 3 60mm Turbos, CURRENT STOCK SHORT BLOCK ON 3 RECORD
  22. Jason Fitzpatrick               9.95@140  –  Stock 5.0 Long Block, On 3 60mm Turbos
  23. Thomas Jenkins                9.74 @ 141
  24. Brad Lanoux                       9.77@141  –  Stock 5.0 Long Block, On 3 60mm Turbo, Full On 3 Exhaust, E-85
  25. Tim McConnell                 9.81 @ 137
  26. Tony Werthmann             9.87 @ 140
  27. Thomas Jenkins                9.897@139- On 3 60’s, Stock Long Block, Sai Li Tuned
  28. Chris Lord                          9.91 @ 137 –  On 3 60mm Turbos
  29. Jeremy Beck                      9.93 @ 151  –  Low 9 second car, look at that MPH!
  30. Malorie Woods                  9.95@142  –  On 3 CNC Billet 60mm Turbos, Built Engine, e-85, On3 Full Fuel System, ONLY 6SP on the list and Female Driven
  31. John Kyle                            9.95@138  –  Stock 5.0 Long Block, On 3 60mm Turbos, Stock Suspension


On3 Coyote System v.2 – As of February 11, 2016, we have an extremely exciting release to the On 3 Performance Coyote 5.0 twin turbo system.  We have developed the newest revision and now are offering our system with a set of upgraded CAST STAINLESS STEEL MANIFOLDS!  This is only a $375 upgrade and well worth the money.  We were able to better design the runners so they flow more smoothly from the cylinder heads.  It will eliminate many of the challenging welds with it being completely  molded.  This design has been on our shop car for the last season and we are over the top pleased with the design, fit, and finish of it.  The durability of a cast design is going to last much longer and be better for the long haul.  This should be a no-brainer when ordering your kit to add this option.

  • $0.00


Seeing is believing, you cannot argue with the power this car makes and its serious as you can see, 940 horsepower to the rear wheels!



  • On 3 Performance Driver and Passenger Side Turbo Manifolds, T-4 Flanged ***Upgrade To The Newest Premium Cast Stainless 304 Manifold Design For $375
  • On 3 Performance 3” Stainless Downpipes (Welded for o2 sensor and wideband)
  • 44mm Wastegate Tube Extension for Passenger side
  • V-band Clamps For Each Exhaust Connection
  • Downpipes Welded With 2-Bolt Flanges To Adapt To Factory Style Mid-Pipes


  • Driver side Tubing From Turbo To Intercooler (2pcs)
  • Passenger side Tubing From Turbo To Intercooler (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 5 ply Custom Silicone Coupler Kit
  • All T-bolt Clamps For Couplers
  • On 3 Performance Twin Turbo Custom Air to Air Intercooler
  • Custom Welded 50mm Blow Off Valve Flange On Intercooler End Tank

Kit Contents

  • On 3 Performance 6466 Journal Bearing Turbochargers (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 44mm V-band Wastegates (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • On 3 Performance Custom Oil Feed Lines / Drain Kit
  • On 3 Performance Custom Cone Filters
  • Custom A/C Line
  • Hardware Kit
  • Wiring Kit
  • Laser formed Bracket Kit
  • Instruction CD w/ Photos


With the most recent revisions to the kit, all kits standard are now including the following:

  • 3.5″ charge pipe, eliminating the maf upgrade needed ($400 savings on the build)
  • Cast Stainless Steel Manifold Design Optional, $375 Upgrade
  • Updated tig welding technique and manifold manufacturing process 
  • Cast intercooler 90 degree elbows, no more cuts welds and simple clean transition of airflow
  • Upgraded downpipe bellows to wastegates
  • Lengthened intercooler brackets for even more adjustment
  • New PCM mounting bracket to relocate out of the engine bay to the front bumper area 

The one and only, Jon Jacobs –  Car has been 8.40’s now in late 2015

Steven Smiths On 3 TT car running on Everyone!

This is John Kyle which is holding strong at the #10 On 3 Coyote List


On 3 Owner Chad’s 2011 Shop Design Car

Larry Barranger’s TT Machine



Some customers have turbos from another product or choose to go with a different manufacture occasionally.  This is our disclaimer should you choose to do so:

We can sell it without the items you mentioned but all sales are final on those specific setups.  The kit fitment is tight, its designed around our turbos and the smallest change from a few turbos has caused issues.  We cannot be held responsible, we have a 100% fitment around our turbos that we specifically test with and manufacture.  By leaving the turbos out, you assume all risk with fitment and will be responsible to tweak or cut/weld the kit if needed to fit the turbos you should choose to run




  • This kit is a Flat Rate $189 to any location within the lower 48 States.
  • Shipping will be visible and itemize in cart upon checkout.

3 reviews for 2011- 2014 Mustang GT 5.0 Twin Turbo 1200+HP System

  1. Phil Lifer

    I was always told if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. So when I saw this kit for half the price of other twin and even single turbo kits out there, I was a bit skeptical. But after researching it and talking to the guys at On3, I was willing to give it a try. I bought it late 2013, and with the help of a local shop put it all together over the winter. The first thing I noticed when I opened the boxes was all the hot side piping was all 304 stainless, and the welds were all fantastic. The other components, such as the wastegates, the BOV, and even the turbos themselves blew me away with how high the quality is. Plus the small stuff that most people forget about, like the A/C line, the brake lines, the oil feed lines, fittings, etc. all look and fit like they came factory. With a lift this kit flew together. With other supporting mods on my car, and just a safe tune on my car at 6psi, it ran 10.86 @ 127mph with a stock motor, stock MT82 manual, and stock rear end, before getting kicked out of the track for not having a roll cage. With this kit, the supporting mods, and the labor to install and tune was still less than just the cost of the kits from the competitors, and in my opinion, this is just as good or better than the kits that cost twice as much.

    I definitely recommend this kit for anyone, whether it’s for a daily driver or a fully built track car.

  2. Jeremy

    Installed the stainless steel manifolds last night on my 2014 GT and everything fits absolutly perfect. I work as a tech at a speed shop so probably a little easier for me than the DIY guy but great material, good fitment and quality kit overall. A+++

    • admin

      Jeremy, thanks for the feedback and Im glad your happy with it. Let us know what it makes when you guys get it tuned. Is this a stock engine or built engine setup?

  3. Ahmad

    It comes with all you need and it works just perfect !! We had run our shop car 9.74 @139.7 mph with the base kit 60mm turbos and stock engine and stock 6r80 !! Its great kit and you got what you paid for 😎

    • admin

      thanks for following up and congrats on the pass, provide us the details so we can put you on our top fastest customer list

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