On 3 Performance (2018-2023) F-150 5.0 Coyote Twin Turbo System F150

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On 3 Performance

2018+ F-150 5.0 Twin Turbo System


Our 2012 5.0 Truck Is Currently The Fastest 11-14 5.0 Powered Stock Engine F-150 In The Country! 10.55 @ 129

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If you are looking to build the ultimate street driven truck, look no further.  We have worked diligently to bring what we think is the best production forced induction system to market.  This is hands down the ultimate  power adder for your truck.  The turbos out of the box have proven to support anywhere from 500 wheel all the way up to 1000+ rear wheel horsepower on the Coyote engine platform.  This is accomplished solely by just controlling the boost via the On 3 performance 44mm wastegates.  We have tested our system in various steps in order to develop several different horsepower stages.   This is a perfect upgrade as well for those looking to have a little extra for towing as well.  This isn’t a system just dedicated to those wanting to make gobs of horsepower for drag racing.  At least half of our customers tow trailers, campers and need a little extra to get the load up certain hills and around town.  You will notice the truck not downshifting like normal, carrying extremely high rpm, etc.  Once the truck starts getting loaded down, you feel the boost slowly coming in and adding that extra punch you need.

For the person looking to max out their F-150 for the ultimate street truck, this system will accomplish that and more.  Number one when we were designing the kit, we made it a point that the turbos must be mounted visually under the hood.  When you first see under the hood of an On 3 F-150, the impression is insane.  The turbos look killer, it keeps the engine bay looking very symmetrical, and it will run as good as it looks.

In towing applications, your going to load the turbos and it will start making boost in the situations its needed.  With normal driving your going to see similar MPG and in some cases, with the proper setup and tune, you will improve your MPG.  Also one of the major benefits to the towing applications, typically the trucks are downshifting hard when you come to any sort of incline.  With the turbos installed, its making over 200 ft. lbs of torque over stock in most cases.  So when approaching these situations, you will find the truck not downshifting as much and making the whole towing experience more enjoyable.  The added power makes you feel like your sitting in a 3/4 ton 2500 Diesel, that is the best way I can personally describe the way they pull.  With a softer spring under the truck, it actually feels more comfortable to pull a trailer with.


Lets be honest, this is the information everyone is after and want to know what the truck can make and what’s needed.  We are going to break this down into several different stages so you can base you decision on this.  Use these recommendations when deciding how far you are going to go with your build.

On3’s 710HP Stage 1 – Stock Fuel System

This is the most basic package, you are simply able to purchase this turbo system and along with the tune you will have the ability to make 710 crank HP and realistically max out roughly 600rwhp on 93 octane fuel.  Think about this, simply bolting on this turbo system with a good tune, your talking 83% more rear wheel horsepower than stock.  That is simply INSANE!  The stock F-150 trucks out of the factory are making in the neighborhood of 330rwhp.  This stage is all accomplished with the stock fuel system in place.  Keep in mind with any coyote forced induction build, oil pump gears and crank sprocket are ALWAYS recommended.

ON3’s 825HP Stage 2 – Adding Injectors (1000cc)

If your wanting to step up your game and make even more power and push things even further, you will want to select one of our injector packages.  When you add in the injectors, your going to be able to support roughly around 675rwhp and with a light blend of ethanol (E30) we were able to crack past the 700rwhp barrier.  To put this into a relative number, now we are talking 115% more rear wheel horsepower than what your truck came from the factory with!  Keep in mind this is all still with the stock fuel pump, lines, rails and high pressure system.  However, once you decide this isn’t enough power, you will need to do our full fuel system upgrade at that point outlined below.

On3’s 11ooHP Stage 3 – Full Fuel System / Turbo Upgrade

Limiting factors become your fuel system at the stage 2 point.  If your going to push the limits, your going to need our full fuel system upgrade.  This is going to allow you to run a pure e-85 blend, up the boost over 10psi and get more aggressive with tuning.  By adding the On 3 fuel system, you will have the fuel flow for 950rwhp on E-85.  In addition, once you cross the 800-850rwhp range, we would also recommend you to add the On3 67mm turbo upgrade at this time.

After reviewing all the above, the million dollar question is?  “Well what is my truck going to support safely or be reliable with???”

We all want reliability and number one, if you cannot afford to break it you should not mod your vehicle, plain and simple.  You can read about N/A engine failures as well as people across the interweb making 1000+ with the Gen. 3 coyote engines.  If you are wanting to keep your build conservative, 600-650rwhp has been proven to not phase this platform.  Don’t short cut, install oil pump gears and sprocket starting your project off.  We have proven this can be as reliable as a stock vehicle when setup properly, choose your tuner wisely and your going to have one hell of a fun daily driver pickup truck


On 3 Shop Truck Details:

In the development stages, we have built 3 different 2018 / 2019 trucks to do our research and development.

Hotside Details:

This design process started from scratch with a set of custom cast stainless steel turbo manifolds.  We have proven this technique already with our Coyote Mustang platform and rolled out this same manifold design for the trucks.  Its an extremely durable and strong method compared to a traditional hand welded header.  We are the only ones on the market casting the truck manifold from stainless steel.  From there it routes forward to the twin 60mm On 3 Performance ceramic ball bearing turbochargers.  Once again we rolled into this project a completely new design turbocharger.  We opened a new mould to cast stainless steel exhaust housings with a custom v-band inlet.  Instead of a traditional 4 bolt (t4) rectangular flange, our housings will simple secure in place with one clamp.  This makes for the turbo to have endless adjustment instead of being fixed in its position.

The turbos we chose to run on this platform is the same proven On 3 60mm unit we have used since 2011 on the Mustangs.  These have made over 1000 rear wheel horsepower with upgrades available to step up to 67 or 72mm units.  At that point you are talking 1200+rwhp potential.  We decided to only supply our ceramic ball bearing units with this turbo system.  This is a premium upgrade for most of our systems.  From the turbos back, we designed the kit to have 3.0″ dual 304ss downpipes.  Each connection is v-banded and we supply stainless v-band clamps to secure tubing into place.

Coldside Details:

Instead of starting from scratch, we picked up our 5.0 Mustang intercooler and adapted it to our truck platform.  This intercooler has been used on countless cars and we know it will support 1000rwhp while keeping IAT’s in check.  This is a large, 3.5″ air to air core with integrated blow off valve flange into the core.  It is a dual 2.5″ inlet and single 3.0″ outlet.  We designed the cold side from 2.5″ aluminum tubing from the turbochargers to the intercooler.  All tubing is bead rolled to help keep the couplers secured under high boost applications.  To go the extra mile, we supply nothing but stainless t-bolt clamps to keep all couplers in place.  As far as the couplers go, they are all made from a 5 ply silicone and withstand anything you throw at it.  Coming out of the intercooler, we designed the it from 3.0″ tubing which transitions to 3.5.  This allows us to run the stock mass air meter successfully without any issues of pegging on almost any application.  This saves you around $300 from having to upgrade your mass air meter!  To eliminate compressor surge, we have used one of our On 3 Performance 50mm blow off valves.  Your intercooler is pre-welded with the correct blow off valve flange so this is a simple and quick bolt on.



  • On 3 Performance Driver and Passenger Side Cast Stainless Steel Turbo Manifolds ***Free Upgrade To The Newest Premium Cast Stainless 304 Manifold Design ($375 Value)
  • On 3 Performance 3.0” Stainless Downpipes (Welded for o2 sensor and wideband)
  • Integrated Dual Cut-out Section To Enable You To Run Open Exhaust At The Race Track
  • V-band Clamps For Each Exhaust Connection


  • Driver side Tubing From Turbo To Intercooler
  • Passenger side Tubing From Turbo To Intercooler
  • On 3 Performance 5 ply Custom Silicone Coupler Kit
  • Complete Stainless T-bolt Clamps Kit For Couplers
  • On 3 Performance Twin Turbo Custom Air to Air Intercooler
  • Custom Fabricated Tig Welded Intercooler Bracket Kit
  • Custom Welded 50mm Blow Off Valve Flange On Intercooler End Tank

Kit Contents

  • On 3 Performance 6466 Journal Ball Bearing Turbochargers (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance Custom Stainless V-Band Inlet/Outlet Exhaust Housings
  • On 3 Performance Stainless Turbo V-Band Inlet Clamps (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 44mm V-band Wastegates (2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • On 3 Performance Custom Oil Feed Lines / Drain Kit
  • On 3 Performance Custom Cone Filters
  • Hardware Kit
  • Instruction CD w/ Photos

With the most recent revisions to the kit, all kits standard are now including the following:

Everyone likes to see video instead of reading of course, check out the shop truck in action


This is the very first prototype 2018+ F-150 that we completed along side with Kurt Busch Racing and Ford Motor Company for the Sema Show 2018





This is a short video while we were tuning the 2019 On 3 Performance design truck:




Check out this pass in our design truck, first time at the track and already almost running in the 10’s and setting records







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