1996-04 Mustang Cobra 2v & 4v 4.6 GEN. 2 Top Mount Twin Turbo System


On 3 Performance

Ford Mustang 2v & Cobra 4v GEN 2 Top Mounted Twin Turbo System

Stage 2, 1000+HP Potential

Bolt-on Turbo System, This is NOT a Universal Kit Like Listed Everywhere Else


Kit Includes:

– On 3 Performance Custom Forward Facing Header Kit

– On 3 Performance Header to Turbo Custom SS Hot Parts

– On 3 Performance GT30 Journal Bearing Turbos

– Custom 3 Stainless Downpipe Kit

– On 3 44mm V-banded wastegate (x2)

– On 3 50mm Blow off valve (x2)

– On 3 3.0″ core air to air intercooler

– On 3 Performance couplers and t-bolt clamps (black)

– On 3 Custom Oil Relocation Kit

– Hardware Kit

– SS v-band clamps

– Custom laser formed intercooler brackets and hardware

– Complete oil feed/drain kit

The kit comes mostly complete as you can see but there are a few additional items needed when going with this turbo system if  you are looking for a turn key one stop shop.

  1. Turbo K-member Kit $740 Includes K-member, a arms and coil-over kit
  2. Injector upgrade kit 47#, 60#, 80#, 105#, 120#, 210# (depends on HP Goal) $299-$1800)
  3. Pmas HPX MAF Sensor Kit $215
  4. On 3 Fuel Pump 340, 450, 525lph (depends on hp goal) $80-125
  5. On 3 Custom Air Filter SS Mesh $45 each
  6. Power Steering relocation reservoir/ bracket Kit- this uses a Billet Anodized reservoir that mounts next to the fuse box. $129
  7. Coolant Crossover Kit- $190

That is really everything listed above if you were trying to purchase at a One stop shop and we can split any of those up if you needed to add additional items. We also have a number of turbo upgrades you can consider:

All of our 96 – 04 Twin turbo systems are designed around the use of either UPR, or Team Z tubular K-member, a-arms and Coil-overs.  The factory k-member will not allow for the proper clearance needed.  We sell the turbo suspension if needed at the same time

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