On 3 Performance 88mm Journal Bearing Turbocharger 1050HP

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On 3 Performance New T4 Flanged 88mm Turbocharger

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Turbo Specs

Cold Side

  • Compressor Wheel:  Cast Aluminum 88mm Inducer
  • .75 a/r
  • 4” Inlet
  • 3” Outlet
  • Inducer- 88.2mm
  • Exhaust Exducer:  83.5mm
  • Exhaust Housing T-4 Flange
  • Exhaust Housing Outlet- 3.5″ V-Band
  • .96ar Exhaust Housing
  • Journal Bearing CHRA


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Hou about some competition?  Show us your project, HP numbers, and track times to share on the page and get put onto the “On 3 88mm List”


On 3 88mm Quickest ET

1.Foxbody Coupe – 8.17 @ 168 – Bret Ferrell  Making Nearly 1200 HP at the Crank!

2. 69 Hemi Dart – 8.99@150  –   (Single 88)

3.  Pontiac G8     – 9.64@144  –  Zach Watkins  (4000b car / Single 88)

4. 5.0 Foxbody    -9.666@142 –  Jacob Lawson (On 3 5.0 Fox Turbo System w/ On3 88mm, Blow Through Carb)

5. 14 Mustang GT- 9.849@146.93 – Brad Shaw (On3 Single 88mm, T56, Built Engine)


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We are introducing the newest turbocharger to our line, the brand new and most powerful turbo yet. This specific unit is the On 3 Performance 88mm, cast aluminum compressor wheel with a journal bearing.  We do have many other upgrades available for this unit if you are looking for the most power, quickest spool and highest quality build parts.  You can upgrade to the ceramic ball bearing CHRA as well as a CNC billet aluminum compressor wheel.  Check out the other 88mm turbo we have listed if interested.  The On 3 88mm turbo is the most powerful turbo we have released to date and is for the most serious builds.

For reference, our last customer through a drop box and 2 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive axles. This is a hp robbing rear end, laid down a stout 820 wheel on 18-19~psi. This was a lightly built LSx and had plenty left in it.  The video on the top is a new generation Hemi Powered Dart running extremely well.  He is going 8.99 currently at ~150mph

We have been turbocharging cars since 2007 and only perfecting what we have started.  Our turbos have been on cars now days for over 40,000 miles and still going strong.  We offer a great product for an unbeatable price.

Please do not email and ask if this turbo will work on your application. All specs of the turbo are posted above and would recommend to be used on at least 3.0L – 7.0L+ applications. We cannot answer and know every kit out there and if its going to be an identical bolt in upgrade. Generally it will be a simple cut/weld to maybe change a flange if just upgrading


Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain:

To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 4an feed and a 10an minimum return. This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.


Customer submitted this dyno graph, On 3 88mm Turbocharger, 98 Camaro, LS3 Heads, 408c.i, e-85, 14psi:




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